The pension Muresuzume in Mure, the harmony with Nature

When you mention the Mure of Takamatsu city in Kagawa prefecture,  you will maybe come up with the image of Aji stone which has good quality, and the Isamu Noguchi Japanese Garden Museum  built by the carving master Isamu Noguchi himself.

However, only a few people know that there is a hundred-year house reformed into a pension not far away from the museum.

An old house with Middle East influences

Standing on the slope there is an old house with black walls and a garden where grow cactus . On one of these stones you will find the word “Maroc”painted. Here is the nowadays famous store of Takamatsu city selling Morocco carpets. The next door pension Muresuzume is our today target.

003It is not easy to recognize from the exterior that the building is divided into three parts for different function. The central part is the shop “Maroc” operating by Mrs. Kawagoe, the left side is the pension Muresuzume, and the right side is the residence of Kawagoe family. The divisions prevent guests and host to disturb each other and give to both much more privacy.

005If your image of the reformed old house is wall with earth color, you will be surprised by Muresuzume pension that Mr. Kawagoe spent one whole year to reform. Affecting by the “Maroc”, the walls of Muresuzume are light orange color, and the furniture and accessories are Middle East style ones. There are not so many furniture is in the house, but the special style of decoration is coordinated with this Japanese style old house.

DSC00063Enjoying the view from the garden of Muresuzume, you can on the right the mount Yashima and its almost perfectly flat summit, and the Takamatsu city.

DSC00087Muresuzume pension does not serves meals and does not have kitchen. However, you can find lots of information including the attractions, shopping, and foods in the manual made by Mr. Kawagoe. Additionally, the famous Udon store named Yamadaya is only 10-minute walk away.

Staying here is not like staying in the city where you can reach many restaurants by walk. However, it will be a good choice for people who like walking and relaxing life. According to the owner, many guests are from Europe and America who loved the Muresuzume pension for being away from the city and close to the nature.

Easy to reach nature

There are two rooms in the Muresuzume pension, one bedroom and one living room. Only one group of 5 people maximum, can stay in here per day.

DSC00080Located nearby the mountain, sometimes you can meet rabbits and foxes in the garden while relaxing on the terrace. Birds chirping in the spring, frogs croaking in the summer, and insects chirping in the fall. It is easy to reach Nature. Here is paradise for people who do not scare insects.

006Take a rest in your room, or buy some foods and drink some tea in the garden with the beautiful scenery of mount Yajima. Futhermore, you can challenge an easy slope and walk to the Yakuriji temple.

007It is neither just the cozy bedroom nor wide garden  the most impressive feature in Muresuzume pension but its europe-style bathroom where outside and inside are only separated by glass windows.

The remote location of the pension will let you enjoy a luxurious bath as if you are in nature. Reading a book in the bathtub and just letting the time through, it will be a special experience so rare in your daily life.

011This red earth wall located in the garden is a new one made for the privacy of guests. The Middle East style confuses people and make them wondering about the country they are standing in.

Mr.Kawagoe also operates a fish shop, so he is going to the fishing port every mornings. Using his knowledge he plans a special tour guide of fish market offering an experience far more exciting than a common visit of a fish market. If you wake up early enough, join Mr. Kawagoe who not only speaks Japanese and English, but is also willing to share his expertise with those who are interested in. Anyone who stayed one night in Muresuzume pension is welcome to join this special tour.

013Although there are bus stop and train stations, which take 10 to 20-minute walk from Muresuzume pension, Mr. Kawagoe recommends taking a taxi (JPY 4,000) from Takamastu city if you do not want to walk with heavy luggage.

Whether you visit Kagawa for the Udon, Setouchi Triennale, or the local handicraft, choosing an accommodation matching your plans and travel companions will bring more fun to the trip. If you are wishing to stay away from the city, do not forget that there is a good place where you can stay slowly relaxing.


Access: 20-minute walk from Kotoden Yakuri station, or take a taxi from Takamatsu city and Takamatsu airport (about 25 ~ 45 minutes).

    • Address: 〒761-0121 香川県高松市牟礼町牟礼3547-2
    • Business time: check in 17:00~22:00、check out 〜10:00
    • Closed on: N/A
    • Price: JPY15,000(1 ~ 2 people /per night), one more person plus JPY7,000, maxium5 people.
    • TEL:+81-87-805-3816
    • Airbnb:
    • Wi-Fi:Available
    • Language: Japanese, English
    • Credit card:Not available
    • For further information:
      • Booking and payement only through Airbnb. It is not allowed to pay by cash upon arrival.
      • The Muresuzume pension is nearby mountain, so sometimes insects will appear.
      • No smoking, party, and event.
      • No meal included but guests can buy from outside.
      • Not recommended with children under 2 years old
    • The tour guide of fish market
      • Time: 5:00~7:00
      • Price: JPY4,500円/ a person (with breakfast)
      • The tour content: Explain the fish bidding process, the fishes found in Setouchi Inland Sea in through the different season, and visit of the fish market.
      • For further suggestion:Wear the non-slip shoes and do not bring too many belongings.
      • Number of people: 5 people maximum, above 10 years old.
      • Reservation website:Link