How to Rent a Bicycle in Takamatsu

Compared to other countries Japan has a quite big cycling community.
Since space is limited on the Japanese mountainous islands people from all age groups and social standings rely on getting around town by bike rather than car.
Adding to the space situation are many more benefits to taking a bike. For example savings in form of money, health benefits and not being dependent on taxis or public transportation.
So it is not surprising that you will also find many of the locals going everywhere by bike. Work,  free time, grocery shopping, anywhere.

So if you plan to visit many different sites in Takamatsu, why not do it the Japanese way and take a bike as well?

You can rent bicycles from the Takamatsu city government or many different private rental companies long or short term.
Prices start from 100‎¥ for 6 hours and ‎200‎¥ for 24 hours.

rental cycling

Where can we rent a bicycle?

As an example, you can rent a bicycle at these places

  • ・Underground of Takamatsu Station (Staff working)
  • ・Underground of Kawaramachi Station (Staff working)
  • ・City Hall
  • ・In front of JR Ritsurin Station
  • ・In front of Ritsurin Garden Station (Staff working)
  • ・In front of Kataharamachi Station
  • ・Marugamemachi Bicycle Rental Port

You don’t have to bring the bicycle back at the exact same spot you borrowed it from, as long as it’s from the Takamatsu city government.

How do we rent it?

The place where most people arrive is probably the Takamatsu Station, so let’s take the rental there as an example on How-To do it in general.

rentalbicycle_entranceThis is the entrance.

rentalbicycle_counterIf you want to rent a bicycle for the first time we have to sign up at the counter where the staff works. Please bring your passport or any identification card to leave your information with the staff.

There is a multilangual video that explains the steps we have to take to rent a bicycle.

If you have any questions nonetheless, please feel free to ask the staff.

rentalbicycle_bycycleThis is the common bicycle in Japan. These are commonly called “Mama-chari”

We hope you enjoy your cycling time in Takamatsu!


  • OPEN: 7:00~22:00 (Underground of Takamatsu Station)
  • PRICE: 6 hours- 100 yen , 24 hours- 200 yen, each following day also -200 yen
  • TEL:+81-87-831-5383