Autumn Illumination – Ritsurin Garden

Ritsurin Garden is a must-see if you’re ever in Takamatsu, it has something different to offer in every season so it would best if you visit it once every season!

In the spring the illumination for the beautiful cherry (Sakura) flowers is held, this is the more famous one among travellers. But there is also an illumination in the autumn dedicated for the time when the leaves change their color and everything around you becomes red and orange. Compared to western countries this happens later in Japan, about around November.

Autumn leaves in Ritsurin Garden

Ritsurin Garden is one of the biggest stroll gardens in Japan.
These kinds of gardens have been built and expanded for hundreds of years for wealthy families and royals and now you can feel like one of them as well as you stroll through these incredible gardens. When walking there you’ll feel like you’re walking through a colourful tunnel of autumn leaves to arrive at the mirror-like lakes. If you get tired you can enjoy the view from one of the several tea houses. Even local people go to Ritsurin Garden several times a year how could they be wrong? That’s why you should definitely see this beautiful garden yourself!





Japanese style boats

For a special experience you can take a boat and make your way over the lake! A worker will stoke you around on the south lake for about 30 minutes so you can see the best places around it.
Adult::¥610      Child:¥300


Autumn Illumination in Ritsurin Garden

  • TIME: 11/21~11/30
  • OPEN: until 21 o’clock (until 20:30 you can enter)
  • PRICE: Adult 410 yen, Child 170yen
  • ADDRESS:760-0073 香川県高松市栗林町1丁目20−16
  • WEB: