Spring Illumination – Ritsurin Garden

If you have seen pictures of Japan you have most likely already seen pictures of the time the precious Cherry Blossoms(Sakura) show their beauty to the world.
Their distinct pink colour is a heartfelt symbol for all Japanese people, young and old, business man or elementary school kid. Japanese people take walks in the park with their loved ones, do picnics and take heaps of photos with the blossoms when they finally emerge.

There are about 350 cherry trees in the Ritsurin Garden, one of Japanese most outstanding stroll gardens. It is the perfect place for the Spring Illumination that takes place from the end of March until the beginning of April each year. During this time the whole park is illuminated in the nights and it’s dreamlike to stroll through it in the night.

Spring Illumination in Ritsurin Garden

There’s a variety of different cherry blossoms you can see at the Ritsurin Park, such as “Somei-yoshino” “Shidare-zakura” and “Edohigan-sakura”.
You can enjoy them all at once as well as the countless lakes, bridges and traditional tea houses. Only in the Ritsurin Park!




Japanese style boats

During the event you can also do boat rides on the northern lake, even in the night time. Being on the lake in the quiet night while the trees are lit up is something that you will never forget!


Spring Illumination in Ritsurin Garden

  • Time: 2015/3/27~4/7
  • Opening hours: until 21 o’clock (20:30 last admission)
  • Price: Adult 410 yen, Children 170yen
  • ADDRESS:760-0073 香川県高松市栗林町1丁目20−16
  • WEB:http://ritsuringarden.jp/jp/