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Takamatsu is the capital of the Kagawa prefecture, which is one of Shikoku 4 prefectures. It is located in the northern part of the island and is an important center for culture and business on the whole island. This is dating back to Takamatsu being an important port city for Shikoku and also one of the stations for the famous ”Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage” which is at least 400 years old!

Since it lies in the north of Shikoku facing the main island, Honshu, Takamatsu was essential for trade on the island and most of the goods/wares from close industrial regions, like the Kansai region in the east, arrived there by ship for hundreds of years.

It is also the perfect departure place for travelling to the beautiful islands of the Seto Inland Sea.
One of the best parts about Takamatsu is that it is not only culturally but also economically developed as not many other cities in the region. There is abundant, beautiful nature wherever you go. In the north you have the Seto Inland Sea with the mentioned islands and in the south, west and east are astonishing, century year old temples that just wait the explored.

It’s a city that is famous all over Japan among creative people for the amazing Setouchi International Art festival, which is held on many of the islands north of Takamatsu every three years. And the best thing is that after the festival is done the exhibits are not thrown away but stay where they were originally portrayed, environmental friendly and good for everybody at the same time since they’re visitable all year round!

The islands are filled with exhibits of famous architects so it’s definitely worth a trip if you’re into modern art!
It is a city rich with culture and art. Places like the islands with their modern art and museums as well as the shrines and temples with their traditional culture will astonish you.

It is a craftsmanship city. Traditional Japanese crafts like carving, weaving and growing Bonsais are famous all over Japan.
It is a delicious city. Fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea, vegetables and meat from local producers await in the kitchens of Takamatsu.

All these things combined make Takamatsu such a great city to live and travel in!