Bistro Bon – A hidden bistro near the Risturi Garden

Nearby the Ritsurin elementary school, a simple area where tall buildings and famous spots are absent, and the local life can be deeply enjoyed. However, as you stroll through those small streets, you may encounter a small bistro just at the corner of the street where people start to queue at noon. They are workers, couples, or housewives taking a walk in the neighborhood. I got attracted by the leisure atmosphere of the place and could not help but enter the restaurant.

An old house reformed into a calm space

Even though this area is only a 10 minutes walk from the Kotoden Ritsurin-Koen station, JR Risturin station, or the Risturin Garden, tourists tend to ignore this district as there are no special spots, but I do believe that this is a good chance to also enjoy the local life. 

Bistro Bon used an old traditional house reformed into a restaurant where only 20 customers can be served at a time.  After the impression of the facade, the interior surprised you with its silence and green. The chef who worked for a famous hotel was willing to create a space for its clients to enjoy slowly their meal in a leisurely and relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant is not only designed for any kind of event as particular as occasions like birthdays or anniversaries but also as simple as lunch on a weekday.

The menu offers a large range of lunch sets with reasonable prices, from the quick-served daily special set, the hamburger steak set, or the Italian style pasta, to the 2,000 yens course which includes appetizer, soup, main course, rice or baguette, dessert, and beverage. If your budget and time allow you so why not have a glimpse of the a la carte menu too, fried shrimp or garlic-roasted chicken are said to be excellent as well. 

Bistro Bon is open on three distinct business hours: lunch, dinner, and bar time. Besides, it is also possible to prepare special occasions for parties or anniversaries. If you contact them at least two days ahead of the venue, the chef will arrange the best course accordingly to your budget and taste. 

A cuisine from selected ingredients

Bistro Bon insists to use the Koshihikari rice produced locally in Kagawa, ingredients from France to make its baguettes and all sauces are homemade, showing the care for the quality of the ingredients used. As a bar, the alcohol line-up is also wonderful with beer, plum wine, shochu, whiskey, red and white wine, sparkling wine for example. If you have do not know what to drink with your meal, the chef will help you with the pairing. 

The menu also proposes an impressive list of side dishes to enjoy with your drink: cheese plate, deep-fried meat croquette, beef tendon stew, and more. While I was enjoying leisurely my lunch at the wide counter table, the crystal clear sound of glasses raised for a toast decided me to indulge myself with some alcohol as well in this relaxing atmosphere. No one ever said that we should enjoy a nice cup of drink only during the evening.

The sweet pudding may look small however the surprise and pleasure in the mouth will surprise you a lot with its crispy caramel coat tasting slightly bitter, and its smooth pudding is so soft with rich egg fragrance. Savoring it with a cup of coffee may be the best end of a pleasant meal at Bistro Bon. 

When you visit Takamatsu and finished enjoying your stroll at the Risturi Garden or on a rainy day, why not heading to Bistro Bon and appreciate a tasty meal in this restaurant loved by the locals. 


Access: 6-minute walk from Kotoden Ritsurin-Koen station. 5-minute walk from JR Ritsurin station. 10-minute walk from Ritsurin Garden.

Address: 〒760-0073 香川県高松市栗林町2-4-16F
Business hours: Lunch 11:00~14:30(L.O.13:45),dinner 18:00~(L.O.21:00),bar 21:00~
Closed on: Every Monday and an irregular holiday once a month
Price:  Lunch from JPY1,000(Untaxed),Dinner from JPY 2,500(Untaxed)。All the price can be searched on the official website
TEL: +81-87-802-1807
Wi-Fi: N/A
Language: Japanese
Credit card: VISA、JCB、Diners、UC、AMEX、Master
Further information: Offer charter service to about 15-20 people.