Cafe asile – Enjoy a break in this traditionally inspired cafe

Busshozan – Standing for history and culture

The temple town, what Busshozan was in the past, was built during the Edo period when the famous Samurai were still in power. Over the ages it has always been a place of culture and history, nevertheless integrating new things into its scenery as time goes by.
Nowadays, a lot of people visit Busshozan for the popular hot-spa and the temples. Here we would like to tell you about a lovely café that offers a place to relax in between temples,  the  theater and hot-spa!

asile_outsideCafe asile is located between the Busshozan theater/Busshozan Onsen(hot-spa) and the Honenji temple on the left side of the main road leading to it.

Japanese style building with rich heritage

asile_buildingOn the outside, Cafe asile looks just like any other modern cafe at first but as soon as you get closer you’ll notice that the design is actually based on traditional Japanese culture. Originally, the building in which the cafe is located now was used as a noodle shop before it was repurposed and redesigned into Cafe asile. The interior that is mainly made out of wood and bamboo, combined with the high ceiling gives off the peaceful Japanese atmosphere you would expect from a shop that is located in the traditional district of Takamatsu.


asile_interiorThe different seating spaces of the cafe utilize different the inside an the outside light differently, depending on where you sit you will have a different experience at Cafe asile, so take your favorite seat and enjoy.

Delicious cuisine – made with local ingredients

asile_cakeCafe asile has more to offer than just desserts and coffee.
Depending on what time you decide to come you can choose between different menus, such as morning menu, lunch menu and many more. This is a guarantee that there’s something for everybody’s taste!

asile_lunchAs an example for what you can expect, this is the “menu of the week”. All ingredients used are made in and around Busshozan. The vicinity of the suppliers guarantee a freshness of the food you won’t find anywhere else.

Check out the library that was established together with the cafe

asile_libraryNext to the cafe is also a library that is open to visitors during the day. If you’re already at the cafe, check out the library that has ties to France!


Cafe asile