Machi no schule 963 – Insight on the story behind the product

The lifestyle shop that offers you the all round experience

Everybody who has come to Japan to spend a wonderful vacation time here is different, some come for partying, some come for nature and shrines but they all share one common wish at the end: Good souvenirs that they can show their friends and family back home to show them what Japan is like.

Takamatsu has lots of good souvenir shops but it might be difficult to find the right one for you. That’s why we want to tell you about a shop that we believe will fit your needs.

In the shopping street of Takamatsu, called ,,Shotengai’’ you can find a nice all in one shop that is called “Machi No Schule”. It is located directly at the Shotengai on the second floor of a terrace in the back. Machi no Schule functions as a cafe, restaurant and as a shop for souvenir and all kinds of livingware. This way you can conveniently enjoy several great things at once.

All kinds of real Japanese products from Kagawa and elsewhere

machinoschule_inside2The unique characteristic of this shop is that you can learn about the background of the products before you actually buy them.
You can find a huge variety of Japanese products from food to living ware, craft items, clothing and many more. You can see the uniqueness and quality of each product while you’re there and browse the countless products.
The staff wants customers to understand the products and what makes them so special, so they put up a table that show’s which ingredients are used in the food of the cafe. In addition to that, most of products are hand-made and match the current season.

machinoschule_garallyMachi no Schule 963 is not only a shopping place but also functions as a gallery. Artists and craftsmen exhibit their work there. There are new gallery events held regularly, so you can find new things every time you visit.

“The school in the city”

The name is a combination of the words ,,machi’’ which means town in Japanese and the german word ,,schule’’ which means school.The reason this name was chosen is because they hope that if you visit there you can learn something about the products they offer., just like in a school.

These products are handmade goods from local craftsmen and the owners hope you can understand how precious these locally made goods in todays uniform world.machinoschule_table
The products you can see here are the usual everyday life products everybody knows from their personal life.
The staff hopes that you will enjoy these handmade products with your five senses and can see how they distinguish themselves from factory made goods.


Machi no schule 963

  • ADDRESS:香川県高松市丸亀町13-3 高松丸亀町参番街東館2F
  • OPEN HOURS:11:00~19:30
    cafe<Mon~Thu> 11:30 – 18:00(L.O 17:30)
                <Fri〜Sun> 11:30 – 22:00(L.O 21:00)
  • TEL:+81-87-800-7888
  • WEB: