Folk crafts Pechika – Livingwares that enrich your life

Folk crafts – Essential wares for living

Craft things are made for living all over the world. These craft goods make the life of people convenient and increase the quality of life. If you pick them up in the shop and and touch them you will understand their value and and what they mean in the Japanese culture and the goal of the craftsman.

pechica_glassNaturally, you can find these crafts as well in Takamatsu. Moreover, you can buy them here and also use them in your country.

Pechika – A shop that can show you the best of folk crafts

pechika_buildingPechika is easy to find since it is located near the main shopping street in the center of Takamatsu. As you go up the slightly hidden stairs lots of craft goods await you.
The owner told us that she believes folk crafts can be enriching for our daily life through food, clothes and housing. Also decorative figure is another value. If you know the story of these goods and their value, they might change their lives to the better. This is the reason she opened this shop.
You’ll find a lot of kinds crafts in this shop. These crafts have been mainly collected in Kagawa and the surrounding Setouchi region.


pechika_pictureFor example, the carpentry in Kagawa, the knotting in Kurashiki, the glass in Kurashiki and Fukuyama and the all over the world famous porcelain in Tobe, Tanba and Onta.
Each crafts has a great value for everyday use.

Why not visit folk works Pechika?


Fork crafts Pechika