IKUNASg – Re-designing traditions

As you travel you will experience countless beautiful moments and places, but since we are all just humans our memory fades away after some time.
But there’s an easy and memorable way to deal with the forgetting!

Souvenirs for you and your loved ones!


Here we would like to introduce one of our favorite Takamatsu craft shops to you!
IKUNASg is a shop that deals with craft items from all over Shikoku, especially , popular as gifts among locals and as memories for visitors to Takamatsu.

ikunasg_entranceIt is located in the Hanazono area, not far away from guesthouses you might stay at. You can easily get there in about 10 minutes from Kawaramachi Station.
The building does not lie at the main street but in an alley behind it on the second floor.

Modern Craft – Useful Craft

The craftsmen are not only producing the goods for IKUNASg, but are also asked to participate in deciding how it is presented to customers.
The company is regarded as leading in furthering craftsmanship in and around Kagawa, promoting and fostering craft and trade.
One of their achievements is that in these days, craftsmen and designers in Kagawa collaborate with the mutual goal to make even more beautiful goods for you and me.

ikunasg_lacquorThe lacquer cups you see there made by craftsmen from the Kagawa region.
A goal was to create something which also young people would find appealing and find use for in their everyday daily life to introduce traditional crafts to them.
The craftsmen and the designers got together to think about the possibilities and decided for these lacquer cups, painted the traditional way.

As you will browse the goods at IKUNASg, you’ll notice that the focus lies on memories that are not only an eye-catcher, but also useful, such as kitchen goods and eatables.
People often see traditional crafts as only good for decorating, such as putting it in a cabinet where it collects dust and will eventually be thrown out.

Why not buy something that you will actually use everyday? As you sit in the office back home and drink your coffee you’ll be reminded of your trip to Takamatsu with your loved one and the memories you shared there.

ikunasg_seasoningA set of eatables, such as the famous Miso soup, Soy Sauce, Pesto among other things.
All of these goods were made in Shikoku. This is the perfect example for a gift that you or your friends will definitely use and enjoy.

In IKUNASg, you’ll find many kinds of souvenirs in and around Kagawa. When you will use these crafts in your country, these will bring back your nice Takamatsu memory.