Takamatsu Wi-Fi guide

If you’re travelling a foreign country as a tourist you often don’t understand the language and it’s hard to get by, even in easy situations. You also most likely don’t own a domestic Sim-Card and have access to mobile Internet so you need to rely on free Wifi around the city from shops and stores. The Takamatsu city government understood this fact and provides free Wifi in a lot of different places around town.
In this guide we want to explain how you can easily access the free Wifi in and around Takamatsu.


The first one is the Wi-Fi which is provided by the public authorities of the Kagawa prefecture. You can find it at famous tourists spots and train stations.Places where you can find this free Wi-Fi are marked with this sign.

wifi_kagawawifiA green background with a bowl of Udon noodles transmitting the Wi-Fi. The Udon noodles were chosen since the Kagawa prefecture is known all over Japan for their tasty Udon.

Please check this site to find an explanation on how to connect to the free Wifi.

Or read this:
① Select”KAGAWA-WiFi” from the available networks on your device.
② Open the Internet browser
③ Click “Use the Internet”
④ Check the terms and Conditions
⑤ Enter your e-mail adress

You can access it for 30 minutes each time, after that you will be disconnected and need to connect to it again. You can access it for a 8 times a day, which means free Wi-Fi for 240 minutes a day!

SEVEN SPOT, 7-Elevens company Wi-Fi


If you want to use this Wi-Fi you have to sign up as a member but the registration is free and easy and possible to do in advance.
Please connect to the following website to sign up

7-Spot sends you an E-mail after signing up and the registration is finished after you confirm the link in your mail.
You can use this Wi-Fi at each of the over 16.000 7-Elevens branches in whole Japan!
The form is in Japanese but there is an explanation in English.

Lawson convenience store Wi-fi

wifi_lawsonIf you want to use this Wi-Fi, you have to enrol as a member as well, but again, the registration is free and easy.

Please register as a member by connecting to LAWSON_Free_Wi-Fi while being near or in a Lawson store.
There are explanations in English, Chinese, Korean and Thai.

You will also see that many shops provide their own free Wi-Fi to their customers all over Takamatsu, just ask the staff if you have any questions about it and they will help you to use it!