Ironmonger – Antique Sundries From All Over the World

Design and craftsmanship district

ironmonger_buildingThe Ironmonger shop is located not far from the arcade and its vibrant food and clothing stores that you’ll definitely want to check out.
The area in which you’ll find it is less famous but more interesting in many ways. There is an abundance of stores that sell unique craftsmanship goods and vintage items or jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else in the world since it is uniquely made for these shops.
If you like unique and antique items you’ll enjoy every second in this street.

Atmosphere from the past

ironmonger_tableOne of the most interesting things about antique goods is the uniqueness. There is most likely only one of these things in the whole wide world. If you buy a watch from a department store you can find hundreds of people wearing the same watch but that’s not the case with antiques, in fact, you’re the only one who has this specific watch.

Ironmonger does not focus solely on furniture as most antique stores so you’ll find everything from furnishings to affordable vintage, jewelry and clothes.  Even if you haven’t been too fond of antiques so far we are sure that you will find something that sparks your interest there!


ironmonger_palettEach antique item has it’s own story, find out about it at Ironmongers.

ironmonger_booksFor example some of the books you can see here. They are from a hospital in early 20th century Germany. Quite a few of the goods at Ironmonger are from oversea and give you a glimpse of a forgotten era.

ironmonger_smallitemsIronmonger also deals with small goods such as stamps, badges and accessories.

ironmonger_clothesClothes from all over the world, some vintage, some new. On the right old military clothing from all over Europe are waiting to have a new use.