Maritime Plaza – Find Everything You Need

As you arrive at Takamatsu station one of the first things you will notice is the Symbol Tower, one of the most outstanding buildings in Takamatsu.

This building is a symbol as well as commercial space, providing shopping possibilities for tourists and locals .
Maritime Plaza in particular is highly recommended to tourists who do not know Takamatsu well since it is more central than the other shopping malls around town.

Arriving in Takamatsu

If you feel hungry after your journey to Takamatsu you can find all kinds of restaurants in Maritime Plaza.
As you exit Takamatsu Station you’ll see the symbol tower, the highest building in Takamatsu, to your left and the Maritime Plaza right next to it.
The tower includes a concert hall, company offices of all kinds and commercial space.

maritimeplaza_buildingThe building on the right is the Maritime Plaza. You can find a big souvenir shop, variety stores and restaurants as well as an information center which is located near the entrance.

maritimeplaza_information center

maritimeplaza_panfletIf you have any problems, please visit the information center. Pamphlets are available in different languages for your convience.

maritimeplaza_ramenRestaurants can be found on the 1st and 2nd floor. What’s more is that there is also a restaurant area on the 3rd floor. The Udon noodles made in Kagawa prefecture are incredibly popular all over Japan. However, in this building, there are many Ramen noodle restaurants combined as the “Takamatsu Ramen Harbor”.
To eat at most of the restaurants, you will need to purchase a ticket from an automatic ticket machine. Explanations are only written in Japanese, but you can ask the staff for assistance by pointing at the photos of the food.

There are a variety of Japanese cuisines, so you can choose any restaurant fitting your feeling at the time. Once you have had your fill of Japanese cuisine, you are ready to go sightseeing around Takamatsu.

Saying goodbye to Takamatsu for now

maritimeplaza_shikokushop88Time flies when you are having fun. Your trip in Takamatsu will unfortunately come to an end at some point.
If you want to have something that reminds you of your trip to Takamatsu you can buy a Shikoku made souvenir at the Maritime Plaza. There is a shop called “Shikoku Shop 88” dealing with items made in Kagawa and Shikoku.

maritimeplaza_insideshopThere are a surprising number of items sold at the store with more than 1700 items to choose from. Even just for window shopping this store is a fun experience with its typical Japanese souvenirs. maritimeplaza_pilgrimageYou can also buy a full set of “88 Temple Pilgrimage of Shikoku” which is the most popular amongst all Japanese pilgrimages.

maritimeplaza_setoinlandseaLast but not least, there is a terrace in the Symbol tower from which you can enjoy a great view of the Seto inland Sea. Enjoying a cup of coffee while looking at the beautiful scenery is a great way to let your day in Takamatsu come to an end.

There are many ways to enjoy your time at the Maritime Plaza. We hope we sparked your interest and that you will have a great time there!