Chottoco-ma – Good Memories With Good People In This Lovely Little Guesthouse

Fishing harbor – check out where your sushi comes from!

This friendly little guesthouse is located near the fishing harbour close to the Seto Inland Sea, which is definitely worth a trip if you haven’t been there before.

chottocoma_buildingIf you arrive at the Takamatsu station and decide to go to the guesthouse by foot it takes around 20 minutes. If you decide to take a train from the Takamatsu station to the Showacho station you can walk the rest of the way from there to the guesthouse in only 5 minutes by foot.
The name of the guesthouse “chottoco-ma” means “a little while” in old Takamatsu dialect.

If you like fish and seafood it’s the perfect place for you since it’s so close to the harbor. There are fish markets up north, close to the harbor if you are fond of fresh fish and seafood like most of the Japanese people are! And there’s also a supermarket that’s open until 12 and two Japanese Onsen (bathhouses) which you should definitely visit at least once in Japan, since it’s one of the most traditional Japanese things you can experience.

Quality over quantity

The owners of “Chottoco-ma” are Mr. and Mrs. Ito. Their goal is to provide more than just a bed to sleep in, they want to get along with their guests and have time for every single one if they require any attention. That’s why they chose not to open a big guesthouse, but a small homey one.
In their opinion, an eye for detail and time for everyone is more important than having plenty of guests at all times and this expresses in a certain feeling you experience as you stay there.

chottocoma_lounge2As you slide open the entrance door you’re instantly at the reception and the Japanese style lounge room with the traditional “chabudai” table. If you like you can sit there, enjoy the free WiFi and chit chat with the owners and other guests.

On the second floor are the rooms.
chottocoma_bedThere is one private room for up to 2 people and two dormitories for up to 4 people each. One of the rooms is for women and one for men, but if there are mixed groups it is of course possible to share one of the dormitories in mixed style.

chottocoma_balconyThere’s a little balcony with chairs on the second floor from which you can see a typical Japanese alley and Japanese suburban life.

Chat for a little while and make friends from all over the world

chottocoma_ownersThe Ito’s, who are +1 adorable addition since October 2015, want you to spend an interesting time in Japan and in their guesthouse. The couple is friendly and easy to talk to, especially since Mr. Ito speaks good English and is always open to translate. It is not uncommon for several guests and the couple to meet in the lounge area and chit chat about the day, the differences between Japanese culture and your culture or anything that comes to your mind. Sometimes the owners also join guests for dinner at a restaurant or just to have a good time around the neighborhood.

You never know who you will meet on your travels far from home!