Honenji – See the family temple of the Matsudaira clan

Center of Busshozans development

hounenji_outsideBusshozan, the area in which the Honenji temple is located has been the “temple district” for hundreds of years already with an abundance of temples to visit and enjoy.
It was built in the early 13th century and over the eras it was destroyed several times during war. But luckily, the first lord of the Takamatsu Domain, the top of Matsudaira clan which is tycoon family, reconstructed the temple and the that clan used it as their family temple and burial ground for the following generations.
Since then it has been the most prominent and important temple in the area, inviting visitors to see the remnants.

If you go south from the Busshozan Kotoden station you’ll find it next to the Busshozan mountain, of which Honenji is also a part of. It takes about 30 minutes by foot to get there but it’s worth the way since you can see many other temples on your way to Honenji as well.

A number of histricul culture

Hondo(Main building ) / Sanbutsudo


hounenji_nehanThe photoshopped picture from the brouche

For generations the reigning lords of Takamatsu came to Honenji to pray in the Hondo. A lot of visitors also come to pray and enjoy during annual events still now.
If you want to watch buddhistic treasures, the lying Buddha as well as the other sights in Hondo and Sanbutsudo, please contact the staff in the office since there is no ticket booth.

It’s only 350 yen for adults, 300 yen for kids between the age of 12-18 and free for kids until the age of 12.
Unfortunately, taking photos in these buildings is forbbiden.

5-story Pagoda (GoJu-no-To)

hounenji_fivestorytowerThis building is called a Pagoda, this kind of Bhuddist building is famous all over east and southeast Asia. This one was built in 2011 and became the symbol of the Honenji temple.

The burial site

hounenji_toroWhat you can see here is the way up the mountain heading towards the burial site of the Matsudaira clan. The stone lanterns in this pictures are sometimes lit up, which makes for a magical feeling if you come here during the evening or night.

hounenji_mountainHere is the still beginning to the top.

hounenji_topThose stairs are the last approach. From up there you will have a magnificent view of the Busshozan area.

In conclusion, Honenji is full of history and there are many other sights in the Busshozan area, why not do a day trip to the area and explore it all at once?