Japan Explorer Pass – Travel conveniently

Today’s world is fast and we don’t have much time, but we want to make the best out of the free time we have.
The proverb says “Time is money”, so here we want to tell you about the fastest way to travel to different locations all over Japan.

What is Japan Explorer Pass

Long distance busses are popular in Japan, but planes are more convenient and take less time, but are also comparably more expensive as we all know.
But now the Japanese Airline Group created a prepaid ticket that will make travelling by plane considerably cheaper for foreign tourists.
You can purchase the ticket, get up to 5 charges on it and pay a fixed amount of 10,800 Yen for each flight you will take inside the company’s network.

The way it works

You purchase the ticket like a fixed fares ticket from your local bus company, just as an electronic ticket online on the Japan Airlines website.


You book the specific flights – up to 72 hours in advance – one fare will be deducted from your electronic ticket.
Done! Enjoy reasonable flying and arrive refreshed and ready to go at your destination of choice!

Who is eligible?

Your residence has to be outside of Japan – Passenger must hold a passport issued by a country other than Japan or be a Japanese passport holder with the right of permanent residence of a country other than Japan.


  • ・fast, convenient travel
  • ・flat and incredibly cheap price to all destinations around Japan
  • ・easy access to all major cities in Japan
  • ・easiest way to explore Japan!

The Japan Explorer Pass of the JAL Group will offer you all this and even more.
Travel hundreds of km in just a few hours and arrive refresh and good to go at your goal destination and see mountainous Japan from above.



Japan Explorer Pass