Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum – Workshop of the world sculptor

The artist who is leading the 20-century – Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi, born to Japanese – American parents in New York, was an artist who from the 1920s until his death in 1988 created lasting pieces of art all around the world.
He was active in manifold fields, for example as a sculptor, in landscape design and interior design such as furniture and lighting.

noguchi-museumYou can still see his work all over the world, such as the Peace Bridge in Hiroshima, the Noguchi Museum in New York or the UNESCO Garden in Paris which was created by him.

The workshop was established in Takamatsu

The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum is located near Mount Yashima in the east of central Takamatsu. The Reason for the location chosen is that this area has been famous for excellent stone quality.
He lived and worked in the preserved buildings during his stay in Japan for a couple of months in spring and autumn every year during the latter part of his life.
After his death his workshop got converted into the Museum as it is now.
You will be able to see his workshop and living space just as it was when he died in 1988.

isamunoguchigardenmuseum_receptionThe tour will lead you through the premises where you can see the buildings in which he worked and lived, interesting by itself, but moreover, they are all traditional buildings that have been moved from Kagawa to there by his order.
You will be able to see plenty finished and unfinished sculptures in different kind of stages of the process which will grant you insight on Isamu’s way of working the beautiful stone.

The tour is more like a guided stroll around the area.
The explanations are usually in Japanese, but if a larger group of guests are from overseas, it is possible to get an English guide support, please ask this matter as you do your reservation!


As being said, the museum is located in the east of central Takamatsu close to Mount Yashima in the city of Mure.
The easiest ways to reach it is by bus or train.

isamunoguchigardenmuseum_busstopIf you decide to take the Bus, it is easiest to depart either from Takamatsu train station or Kawaramachi train station. You need to get off at “Inori Iwa/ Yoichi Koen mae” and then walk for another 10 minutes to the museum. A one-way ticket is 490 Yen.

yakuristationIf you want to take the train, it’s the same stations for departure and you will get off at “Yakuri Station”, and need to walk 20 more minutes to the museum. A one-way ticket will be 340 Yen.

isamunoguchigardenmuseum_stoneOn your way to the museum you will see why Noguchi decided to settle at this place, as he not only appreciated the quality of the stone in the region but also never had problems finding skilled helpers if he needed any for his work due to all the stone mason shops around there.

Please remember to make a reservation!

The museum has a policy that you need a reservation to participate in the guided tours, you will not be able to join a group without a reservation!
Please send an E-Mail with the number of people you wish to attend the tour, the date and at what time two weeks in advance. Additionally, please give two alternatives if your first choice is unavailable.

There are tours on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting from 10:00, 13:00 and 15:00.

If there are less than 5 days left, please contact them directly by phone.


Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum

  • ADDRESS:〒761-0121 香川県高松市牟礼町牟礼3519
  • OPEN:From 10 a.m., 1p.m., and 3 p.m. every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • CLOSED:August 13, 2015 – August 16, 2015
    December 26, 2015 – January 5, 2016
  • PRICE:Adults – 2,160 yen (tax included)、High school students – 1,080 yen (tax included)、under 15 : Free
  • TEL:+81-87-870-1500
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