An accommodation where you can enjoy privacy and communication–The TEN to SEN coco

Located only 1 minute from Takamatsu city center, the TEN to SEN started its reconstruction during mid-September 2018. Lasting for over 7 months finishing just before the opening of the spring season of Setouchi Triennale 2019, we can now see its new appearance. Here is the Ten to SEN coco Guesthouse for Female. (Hereinafter referred to as coco)

Private accommodation only for women

Obviously from the name “TEN to SEN coco”, the hostel has some relations with TEN to SEN Guesthouse which has already been operating in Takamatsu for 4 years. coco is the second guesthouse of TEN to SEN open with the purpose to host lone female travelers in search of safety and privacy during their stay in Takamatsu.

2019-04-24 12.48.27Miss Sugiura, the owner, always names the guesthouse with some meanings. For example, TEN to SEN has the same pronunciation with “point and line” in Japanese., bearing the meaning that Miss Sugiura hopes this guesthouse to be the place gathering travelers from all country in the world.

2019-04-24 13.54.38Firstly Miss Sugiura thought of naming this guesthouse “cocoon”with the inspiration to create a small, simple and clean private space just like cocoon. However, she read it repeatedly and realized that cocoon has very similar pronunciation with 『個々』 ( coco, means individual) in Japanese.This meaning just matches the concept of this guesthouse, so she names it as coco.

2019-04-24 13.51.47Lots of women travel alone and safety is the most important thing they are concerned about, there Miss Sugiura built a tiny but complete private space for them. Here you can take a rest when you feel tired, or chat with other travelers in the cozy living room and kitchen. coco is a place where there is chance for communication like a hostel and also private space like a business hotel.

Delicate consideration of space design

The owner personal touch and simple design are the first impression of coco.

193246344The cream-colored wall in the corner of the room as well as the black-and-white well decorated kitchen create a soft atmosphere in the common space.

2019-04-24 13.49.50By contrast, the bathroom is more colorful. Mirrors hanging on the wall, tooth mugs, and the hooks bring a retro touch into this space. Furthermore, the shower room are wider than the one at TEN to SEN.

2019-04-24 14.05.34coco has five single rooms and one double room. All the rooms have big windows from which the rising sunlight flowing inside will help you to wake up in the morning. There are hangers, half-length mirror, humidifier, tissue and hostel manual in each room.

2019-04-24 13.58.14Through the experience of TEN to SEN and listening to the requirements of the guests, Miss Sugiura designed a space of 28-inch luggage under the bed in all the rooms of coco.

2019-04-24 13.32.12All the rooms have locker where you can store your passport and even a 17-inch laptop.

2019-04-24 13.36.31When traveling, some like to enjoy lots of local cuisines while some others like to buy local ingredients and cook by themselves. Looking at the complete kitchenware, I can not help imaging lots of guests sitting around the wooden table in the living room, eating and chatting together  happily.

2019-04-24 14.02.58Miss Sugiura took into account that some guests may arrive early and some may go sightseeing after check out, so she prepared an area for keeping luggage.

2019-04-24 13.56.58coco can accommodate seven people and also accepts friends and family to rent all the floor. The rent fee is equal to all the room fee added up. The unique rule is only women who are over 16 years old can stay in here.

The rule may looks rigid but it is an important thought from the operator. Miss Sugiura said: “I would like to build an accommodation which is safe, comfortable, cozy and has reasonable price for the women whose age are close to each other.” Comparing to the hostel, coco is more expensive but guests get a private space like a business hotel. By the price and its design, coco is filtering the guests, silently awaiting for the travelers who like calm and clean environment.


Access: 5-minute walk from Kototen Kawaramachi station. (1-minute walk from TEN to SEN.)

      • Address: 〒760-0051 香川県高松市南新町6-1 春日河南新町ビル2階
      • Business time: check in 16:00~22:00、check out 〜10:00
      • Closed on: N/A
      • Room fee: Single room JPY4,500(person/ night), Double room JPY8,000(room/ night
      • TEL:+81-87-813-0630(8:00~12:00 16:00~22:00)
      • WEB:
      • FACEBOOK:
      • Wi-Fi:Available
      • Language: Japanese, English
      • Credit card: Visa,Master
      • For further information:
      •  Check-in at the counter of TEN to SEN。
      •  Only women over 16 years old
      •  No smoking, party, and event。
      •  No pets admitted