Hideaway in downtown Konyamachi Guesthouse KUKU

The number of accommodations in Takamatsu has been increased past 3-4 years. They are located in convenient areas and designed uniquely, visitors to Takamatsu should enjoy choosing which accommodation they would stay.

Konyamachi Guesthouse KUKU was opened at the end of March 2018. It is located within 7-10 minute-walk from either JR Takamatsu St., Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko St. and Kataharamachi St. This is the second guesthouse produced and engaged by Ms. Lisa Yamamoto, an owner of Kawaramachi Dormitory.

Kawaramachi Dormitory is the place where Lisa’s long-term dream came true, and she collected and got input on this KUKU the requests and testimonials from lots of guests in 2 years of management of her 1st accommodation. “I want to create a place different from Kawaramachi Dormitory” Lisa said.

It has been 2 years since Kawaramachi Dormitory officially started. 40% of the guests are Japanese, another 40% are from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, the rest of 20% are from Europe and America. During her 2 years of experience of 1st guesthouse, she noticed that most of the guests visited Takamatsu alone for the first time and they came back here with their friends and families for the second time. Some of the guests mentioned they would like to stay at private or family rooms, so she designed 2 apartment rooms as well as dormitories at Konyamachi Guesthouse KUKU. This definitely is going to be one of the desirable accommodation for group travelers.

As you see the floor map on the door, dormitories are on the second floor and apartment rooms are on the third floor. You can use laundry and drying area on the forth floor.

Different from Kawaramachi Dormitory, Konyamachi Guesthouse KUKU has 2 types of rooms, one is women-only and the other is co-gender. Every bed has pink curtain in women-only room, and the other room across the shared space equipped with kitchen and lounge is for co-gender.

There are enough electric outlets and each dormitory bed has its own locker with lock. You do not need to bring valuables when you take shower or use laundry and it should be convenient.

Dishes, mugs and seasonings in public kitchen are free to use.

Besides Sanuki Udon (noodle), you can enjoy seasonal delicious seafoods and vegetables here in Kagawa. This kitchen gives you a chance to purchase local foods and cook or prepare simple breakfast.。

P1110884Lounge is a place where guests from foreign countries exchange tourist information.

On the third floor, there are apartment rooms with 4 beds. Separated bath and toilet and washing stand are equipped in each room. It is highly recommended for those who visit Takamatsu with friends or family and value the private time.

What the most pleasant function is mini-kitchen in the apartment rooms. How about imagining someone takes shower, go to the toilet, brush the teeth or cook breakfast. It seems like living in your own house. If you stay in this room for days, you could find what the life in Takamatsu is like.

Easygoing pace, attractive islands should not make you feel boring during your long-stay in Takamatsu. Laundry service which is necessary for long travel is of course provided. Laundry machine and drying area are on the fourth floor, also it is a good place for spending time with feeling the window at dusk.

Lisa loves chatting with guests. She herself stands at the counter and welcomes people, has a conversation with preparing tea and takes guests to local Izakaya or bar to have drinks together. ”I wish as many as people to experience unique contents in Takamatsu”, Lisa says.

You can see thoughtfulness for solo-traveler or group tourist everywhere at Konyamachi Guesthouse KUKU. For example, this shower room on the fourth floor is prepared for people who take shower at midnight or in early morning not to bother other guests. This accommodation has welcomed lots of guests from Euro-America and for business purpose.

Have you already started planning for the fourth festival, Setouchi Triennale 2019 held next year? How about choosing the accommodation in accordance with your group size and making your travel more joyful?


Access: 7-10 minute-walk from JR Takamatsu St., Kotoden Chikko St. or Kataharamachi St. 2 minutes-walk from Hyogomachi bus stop when you use Airport Limousine or local bus.

Address: 3-13, Konyamachi, Takamatsu, Kagawa 760-0027
Business Hours: Check-in 16:00-22:00, Check-out 10:00
Holiday: N/A
Price: Dormitory JPY3,500/bed, Apartment Room 20,000/room (for 4 people)
Telephone: +81-87-887-5665
MAIL: kuku7600027@gmail.com
WEB: kuku81.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kuku81com/
Wi-Fi: Available
Language: Japanese, English, Chinese
Credit Card: Visa, JCB, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Discover