A Romantic Spring Day Experience Under the Wisteria Flowers

In Japan, the passage of time and the changing of the seasons is felt through the blooming of different flowers. As the Plum blossoms (UME) finish blooming, it is time for the Cherry blossoms (SAKURA). After that, people look forward to Wisteria to come into bloom.

Wisteria flowers are mainly purple, white and pink. Iwata Shrine in Iida-cho, Takamatsu city is one of the best sightseeing spots for Wisteria flowers in Kagawa prefecture. The Wisteria flowers there are more than 800 years old and was designated as a natural monument in Kagawa Prefecture in Showa 46 (1971).

P1070402As Visitor step into Iwata Shrine, a sign that introduces “Peacock Wisteria” quickly grabs the visitors attention.

P1070324The Wisteria flowers on the trellis at Iwata Shrine bloom in May. Flowers grows about 2 meters (6.5feet) in length.

When walking slowly under the Wisteria trees, you will be surrounded with the light fragrance of the Wisteria flowers which fill the air. Wisteria flowers are appealing to the eye and the smell creates a calm and pleasant moment in time.

P1070340Unlike Cherry blossom season where people crowd about drinking and picnicking, people who come to see the Wisteria flowers at Iwata Shrine with families, friends or as a couple, people are able to sit by themselves quietly under the wisteria trees alone and take a peaceful break.

P1070288It just takes less than 10 minutes by train to reach Kinashi Station from JR Takamatsu station. From Kinashi station, Iwata Shrine is about a 15 minutes walk away. The rural scenery of rice farms along the way to the Shrine is completely different from the scenery of the Japanese mountains, mountain streams and the view from the center of Takamatsu city.

When the Wisteria flowers come into bloom, spend a romantic moment under the wisteria trellis at Iwata Shrine in one of spring days.

You are not going to say you don’t want to go there, right?


  • ACCESS: About a 15 minutes walk from JR Kinashi station (take the Yosan-line train from JR Takamatsu station).
  • ADDRESS: 〒761-8033香川県高松市飯田町字宮ノ窪493番1
  • HOURS: 24/7