A paradise for cat lover – The Ryokan Kotobugi located at the approach of Konpira Shrine

Located at the approach of the Konpira Shrine, nearby the Kanakura river running through the Konpira Onsen village, stand this traditional ryokan (Japanese-style hotel). It is not is appearance neither special nor beautiful, whose is noticeable although its simple atmosphere stops the visitors passing in front of the door. The main reason why this ryokan has become so popular is none other than the presence of the smart tabby cat Coco who accompanied its owners to greet the guests as the door.

002From the Kotohira station it takes only 5-minute walk to arrive to the “Ryokan Kotobuki”. The building is not a huge one and has only 6 guests rooms. The beckoning cat Coco is really friendly and helps its owners by greeting the visitor sitting on the edge of the stairs calmly, patiently letting the customers coming around him, patting him all their hearth contents.

003Here is nothing less than a paradise for cat lovers. You can find many kinds of cat goods decorating every corners of the rooms. Looking up or down, you will surprise yourself pointing out “Oh ! there is a cat also there!” without thinking.

004“Ryokan Kotobuki”, with a relaxing and warm atmosphere, is an old house built a hundred years ago. You can feel the Showa period atmosphere at any corners including the soil wall perfectly preserved and the elegant traditional dresser. The most particular feature is the ceiling, not flat, but boated-shape, and the materials selected. The room named Matsu (pine tree) uses real pine tree as material, the room named Sakura (cherry tree) uses cherry tree, while the room named Koto (Japanese harp) uses Chinese windmill palm to weave the ceiling. If you do not observe patiently you will miss these playful designs.

Although the toilet and bath has to be shared with others, there is no inconvenience and you can still feel as cozy as your home. The bath made of Formosan cypress is large and comfortable. If no one uses it, just lock the door and enjoy the private space. Spread your view over the small garden and let all your fatigue from travel disappear.

005Breakfast and dinner are included in the room fee. It cannot be said luxurious but everything is cooked with hearth and will satisfy you. If you have any question about the meals or you cannot eat raw fish or you are vegetarian, please email the owners and they will do their best to answer your requests. However during the high season, they may not meet all your requirements because of labour shortage.

006It takes a lots of time to arrive here and leaving Kotohira shortly after visiting Konpira Shrine is not the only choice you have. You can simply stay in the hotel and feel the sincerity from the owner without word needed. Additionally, you can try to make udon or taste local sake at the store in the approach of Konpira Shrine. You will experience the slow rhythm of life in Kagawa.


Access: 5-minute walk from Kotohira station of Kotoden Kotohira line or JR line.

      • Address: 〒766-0002 香川県仲多度郡琴平町245-5
      • Business Hours: check in 16:00~、check out 9:30
      • Closed on: N/A
      • Price: JPY6,500  ( 1 person / per night with breakfast and dinner)
      • TEL: +81-87-773-3872
      • Web: https://www.yadoran.jp/magazine/129139
      • Email: kotobukiryokan@hotmail.co.jp
      • Wifi: Available
      • Language: Japanese
      • Credit card:N/A