The silver-white world – Snowpark Unpenji

Unpenji Ropeway, a 2600-meter-length ropeway said to be the largest ropeway in Japan, lead us to the Unpenji temple; however, today our final destination is the Snowpark Unpenji located at the border of Kagawa prefecture and Tokushima prefecture. It is the best place to overlook the Mitoyo plain, the Setouchi Inland Sea and the Great Seto Bridge.

雲邊寺002In front of the station, you will found the statue of Kobo-Daishi (the grand master who propagated the Buddhist teaching) standing at the limit between Tokushima and Kagawa prefecture. On the right side the road goes to Snowpark Unpenji and left side it goes to the Unpenji temple.

雲邊003At 920 meter above the sea level, Snowpark Unpenji is a ski slope with a mix of artificial and natural snows. When mentioning “snow park”, people usually get the image of a snowy route where the car should use snow chains. But do not worry about it!The route from cityto the station at the foot of the mountain is not snowy or frozen, it is safe enough to drive without chains.

雲邊004Both ropeway tickets and snow park tickets are available at the station. The one-day lift tickets for skiing (JPY1,000) or one-timelift tickets (JPY200) can be bought at the counter of Snowpark Unpenji. The snow park also provides rental ski set service (presentation of ID card or deposit of JPY 1,000 required), and sledgeis for free!

雲邊005There is not only one main coursebut also kids’slope for children and beginners. Besides, if you speak Japanese, you are welcome to join the free beginner course to learn the basics with skillful instructors.

雲邊006If you rent a car, planning a perfect winter trip in Kagawa is really easy. Eating delicious oysters, ice skating in Tresta Shirayama Ice Arena, or going to Unpenji to visit the temple and 500 Rakan statues are all great options. And if you go to Snowpark Unpenji you can enjoy lots of snow activities and breathtaking landscapes.


Access: Get off at Onohara interchange of Takamatsu expressway then15-minute drive

      • Address: 〒769-1611 香川縣觀音寺市大野原町 雲邊寺山山頂
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