Lots of surprises in all seasons at Mannou Park

Mannou Park is the only national government park in Shikoku, as big as 350 hectare, and located very close to Mannou Lake, the biggest lake in Japan, in western part of Kagawa. This park has rich nature around and lots of plants that blossom every season. These views attract people who love to watch flowers, walk and join various workshops.

Flower blossoms all the year

Narcissuses, cherries and tulips in spring, hydrangeas and sunflowers in summer, cosmoses in autumn, chimonanthuses in winter. These flowers, lawn field, playground equipments, facility and camp site make this place a unique park that has nature, culture and leisure.

Tranquil space with canola flowers in spring.

003Romantic with cosmoses in fall.

Comport wind with flower fragrance should make you smile while you ride a rented bike in sunny day. Vibrants events are held here such as Mannou Park relay marathon in every January and MONSTER baSH, a rock festival, in every August.

Like stars, illumination in winter

You might imagine Mannou Park in winter would be cold and make you feel miserable, but it is completely wrong. Luminary from the end of November to the beginning of the next year, which is called “Winter Fantasy”, makes the park bright and romantic at night. “Champagne Glass Tower” that 4900 of glasses are used and illuminated, “Symbol Tree” which is 10 meters hight and “Tunnel of Lights” which is 100 meters long. You should be wondered these arts of lights.

005At winter night, Mannou Park shows different atmosphere by luminary.

006The theme for “Winter Fantasy 2017” was “Flowers and Greens”. 55 thousand of LED bulbs creat a fantastic world at this park.

007During “Winter Fantasy 2017”, 3 lucky clovers were hidden and key words near them makes one word. You could get some presents when you collect all the words. Please try it next time!

Photos: Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association, mandegan, PhotoAC


Mannou Park

Access:Kotosan Bus Miai Line (heading for Mikado, Ochiai Bridge and Kawaoku) from JR Kotohira St. or Kotoden Kotohira St.,get off at Mannou Park Entrance and 3 minutes-walk to the entrance. Fee is 460 yen.

  • Address: 4243-12, Yoshino, Mannou, Nakatado, Kagawa 766-0023
  • Time:March 1st-July 19th     9:30~17:00
    July 20th-August 31st   9:30~18:00
    September 1st-October 31st  9:30~17:00
    November 1st-End of February 9:30~16:30
  • Holidays: Tuesday(Wednesday if the Tuesday is a national holiday), December 29th – 31st. No holidays during following peiords| March 20th-May 31st, July 2
  • Admission: 410 yen for Adult(over 15 years old), 210 yen for elderly(over 65 years old), 80 yen for elementary school and junior high school, free for children under 6 years old
  • Phone Number: +81-87-779-1700(滿濃公園管理處)
  • WEB:http://sanukimannoupark.jp/
  • FB:https://www.facebook.com/sanukimannoupark/
  • Bus Time Schedule:

    timetable1Saturdays and Holidays


  • Bus time:
  • Bycicle Rental
    Adult(Over High School): Base Cost 260 yen for 2 hours, 70 yen extra for every 30 minutes     Child(Under Junior High): Base Cost 100 yen for 2 hours, 30 yen extra for every 30 minutes
    Electric Bycicles:
    Adult(Over High School): Base Cost 510 yen for 2 hours, 30 yen extra for every 30 minutes