Enjoy Strawberry Picking in Kagawa!

People do not want to go out in cold Japanese winter, though strawberry picking makes people get excited. Pretty, red and sweet-sour strawberries grab their interest.

Kagawa is Strawberry Kingdom

Strawberry cultivation started at the end of Taisho period. Farmers of that time had a philosophy of “Quality over Quantity” and adopted Elevated Cultivation Method to expose these fruits to the sun uniformly. As a result, high-quality strawberries were born and they are now called “Nyo-ho” and “Sachinoka”.

“Nyo-ho” is with healthy color, balanced sourness and sweetness, firm-fleshed, long-life and very good food for a dessert.

“Sachinoka” is bigger one that has light pink flesh inside dark red fruit skin. It is sweet and with pleasant flavor, so often used for jam.

Though Kagawa was called as Strawberry Kindom, there had not been its original breed. Kagawa Agricultural Experiment Station started original breed development, with a goal of good taste, bigger fruit and elevated cultivation. In 2000, it succeeded and new breed has been registered as “Sanuki Hime” since 2009.

“Sanuki Hime” is full shaped, resilient, shiny, soft, sweet and juicy. Its lovely appearance and sweet taste attract us. You could see this strawberry at supermarkets, marche and other places in Kagawa in the season.

Pick and Eat Strawberry Paradise

Most of strawberry farms adopt Elevated Cultivation Method. This way prevents the fruits from rain and mud, so we could eat strawberries upon picking. Berries are at higher elevation and it is easier for people who have pain in their back and legs and who are on wheelchairs.

stawberry2Strawberry farms in Taiwan do not charge admission fee, but the weight of the fruits you picked. On the other hand, Kagawa’s strawberry farms adopt “all-you-can-eat in 30 minutes only system”, you could eat as much as strawberries you want. The fee is 1,300-1,800yen for over junior high students.

Farms in Kagawa accept reservations to control the number of people so that everyone could enjoy the picking. Therefore, you could visit and enjoy strawberries even at the end of its season, May. The weekends and holidays are crowded, you should check the availability on the internet.

Now you could not wait for eating strawberries? There are lots of strawberry farms everywhere in Kagawa such as Takamatsu, Higashi Kagawa, Sanuki, Miki, Ayagawa, Marugame, Mitoyo, Teshima and Shodoshima. How about visiting strawberry farms when you come to Takamatsu?


Strawberry House Yabuki

Address: 1748, Kawashima Higashi, Takamatsu, Kagawa 761-0443
Phone Number: +81-90-5276-8110
Access: 15 minutes by car from Takamatsu Chuo IC
WEB: http://www.geocities.jp/ichigohouseyabuki/index.html

Sky Farm

Address: 656-1, Iida, Takamatsu, Kagawa 761-8033
Phone Number: +81-87-881-5256
Access: 15 minute-walk from JR Kinashi St., 7 minutes by car from Takamtasu Danshi IC
WEB: http://www.skyfarm.jp/

Shodoshima Furusato Village

Address: 2084-1, Murou, Shodoshima, Shouzu, Kagawa 761-4304
Phone Number: +81-879-75-2266
Access: Ferry for Ikeda Port from Takamatsu, get on the bus for Kaminoura Nishi and off at Furusato Village bus stop.
WEB: http://www.shodoshima.jp/

Morino Ichigo

Address: 1611, Kamitakaoka, Miki, Kita, Kagawa 761-0613
Phone Number: +81-87-890-3035
Access: 45 minutes-walk from Kotoden Shirayama St., 15 minutes by car from Sanuki Miki IC or Takamatsu Higashi IC.
WEB: http://morinoichigo.com/

Takinomiya Ichigo Farm

Address: 1578, Takinomiya, Ayagawa, Ayauta, Kagawa 761-2305
Phone Number: +81-87-876-3361
Access: 15 minutes-walk from Kotoden Takinomiya St.,  20 minutes by car from Takamatsu Nishi or Takamatsu Danshi IC,  10 minutes by car from Fuchu Smart IC
WEB: https://www.matsumotonouen.com/