Ice Skating Special Play in Autumn-Spring

Lots of travelers visit Japan for skiing, but ice skating is another winter sport as well.

Kagawa Pref. is located in warm area in Japan and has few snowy days. If you would like to ski, you need to go to Snow Park Unpenji where is far from Takamatsu. Though ice skating is much easier for everyone as Tresta Shirayama Ice Arena is

No Time Limit – Shirayama Ice Arena

The hotel in Miki “Hanajukai Bekkan Tresta Shirayama” has the only skate park in Kagawa. This place is good place for people who just enjoy ice skating and skaters who practice and participate in games.

白山003Shirayama Ice Arena has no time limit and you could play skating as long as you want.

Reasonable Kotoden Skate Ticket

Kotohira Dentetsu(Kotohira Electrick Railroad Co., Ltd) sells “Kotoden Skate Ticket” including train fee, Shirayama Ice Arena entry admission and skate shoes rental


Photo: Kotoden WEB Page

You could get a pair of gloves which are embroidered “Koto chan Family”.

While you are in Kagawa in winter, it should be great visiting Ritsurin Garden in windy day, enjoying shopping malls and skating at Shirayama Ice Arena. Even if you had a bad fall, this could be fun memory afterward.


Tresta Shirayama Ice Arena

Access: 1 minute walk from Kotoden Nagao Line Shirayama St.

● Address: 972-30, Shimotakaoka, Miki, Kita, Kagawa 761-0704
● Open Period: October 14, 2017-April 22, 2018
● Open Hours: Monday-Friday 12:00-18:00/Saturday Sunday and Holidays 10:00-18:00
● Closed: April 14 and 15, 2018
● Phone Number: +81-87-898-8998
● WEB:
● Fees:
○ Adult: 1,200yen
○ High School Student: 1,000yen
○ Elementary and Junior High Student: 800yen中小學生:800円
○ Children (over 4 yrs): 500yen
○ Handholding: 300yen
○ Shoes Rental: 500yen

Kotoden Skate Ticket

● Sale Period: October 14, 2017-April 22, 2018
● Price:
○ Adult: 1,700yen
○ High School Student: 1,500yen
○ Junior High Student: 1,300yen
○ Children: 1,100yen
● Valid Period: One Day
● Valid Section: Within 440yen Range from Shirayama St.
○ <Kotohira Line> Takamatsu Chikko St., Sanjo St.
○ <Nago Line> All Stations
○ <Shido Line> Kasugagawa St.
*Get on/off every station in above range freely
*Additional charge required when you use another stations.
● Ticket Selling Window: All Kotoden Manned station
● No Available Day: Ice Arena’s Closed Days
● About the Gloves: You could get a pair of gloves at Shirayama Ice Arena entrance. Options are Size L(Black), Size M(Black, Red, Blue, Navy, Green, Yellow)
● WEB: