Old Japanese-style Confection Store Fugetsu-do

Old store Fugetsu-do is well known Japanese-style confection shop established more than 80 years ago. You could find this place on your right when you head for Shidoji (Shido Temple) along Gennai Street.

Symbol of Japanese plum on stone pillars at the entrance is family emblem of Gennai Hiraga who was born in Shido area in Edo period and also knows as “Da Vinci in Japan”.

風月02Fugetsu-do produces and sells lots of cakes bearing local great man’s name such as baked and steamed bean-jam bun “Gennai Yaki”, Japanese plum shaped cake “Gennai-sama” and Matcha Financier (Tea-taste cake) “Gennai Roman”.

風月03They have a variety of other kinds of cakes. Especially “Kintoki Kariman” that is made from Shiroshita-to (raw sugar material) from Yamada Sugar Shack in Sanuki Tsuda, Kagawa’s wheat “Sanuki Yume2009” and Sakaide’s special product “Kintoki Imo (potato)” is highly recommended.

Characteristic smell of Shiroshita-to floats when you open it, gentle and sweet flavor fills your mouth when you take a bite. You should be surprised at different taste compared to general Japanese cakes.

風月04Shiroshita-to is the in-process-sugar just before the completion of Wasanbon. It is made in only December, picking season of sugar canes, and its shelf life is just 3 months, so Shiroshita-to could not go on market. Kintoki Kariman should be called as fairy and famous confection as it contains this Shiroshita-to.

風月05In the strawberry season, you should try Ichigo Daifuku (soft rice cake stuffed with sweet bean paste and a strawberry) “Sanuki Hime no Kaori Mochi”. Soft mochi and sweet bean paste contains condensed milk and fresh cream wrap Kagawa’s strawberry “Sanuki Hime”. Even its photo makes us drool.

風月06Fugetsu-do has not only Japanese confectioneries but Western-style sweets. “Seto no Wine Roll” contains red wind produced at Sanuki Winery, only winery in Shikoku located in Ogushi peninsula, Shido. This wine is used in the sponge, cream, raisins and the surface to express evening view in Seto Inland Sea. This cake has been admired and awarded “Japan Gift Award 2017”.

After visiting Shido temple, Hiraga Gennai Memorial Museum and his house, Sanuki Winery and Ogushi Nature Park, how about walking around Gennai Street with enjoying old town and come by Fugetsu-do for popular and fancy sweets.


Access: 5-7 minutes-walk from Kotoden Shido St. or JR Shido St.

Address: 593, Shido, Sanuki, Kagawa 769-2101
Open Hours: 8:30-19:00
Closed: Second and Fourth Wednesday
Phone Number: +81-87-894-1067
Wi-Fi: N/A
Language: Japanese
Credit Card: N/A