Wakabaya – Comfortable Japanese Style Guest-Home

Spend quality time with a Japanese family

The Wakabaya guesthouse is a family run, Japanese style guesthouse which is located in the southeast of central Takamatsu. As you arrive at Takamatsu Station you can just walk to the Takamatsu-chikko station which lies close and take a train to the Hanazono Station. The location is also convenient if you want to go to the shopping street, called Shotengai, near the Kawaramachi Station, or if you’d like to visit one of the islands. You can easily take a train to the Takamatsu Station and board a ferry to one of the beautiful islands that lie north of Takamatsu in the Seto Inland Sea.
There are Udon noodle shops as well as cafés around Hanazono Station, so you’ll have no problem finding something to eat and drink!

As in most guesthouses in Japan, you have the choice between two different kinds of rooms at Wakabaya.


wakabaya_tatamiThere is the western style one with a shared room and eight spacious bunk beds in it and the more traditional kind of room with the Japanese tatami floor and comfortable futons. On the first floor you can find a big bathroom with a modern bathtub, shower and western style toilets.

In the shared living room is a traditional Japanese short-legged table where you can chitchat with other guests or the owners, a kitchen with all necessary accessories like a refrigerator, stove etc., a TV and a washing machine for your convenience. And of course there’s free WiFi accessible everywhere in the house.

Success through experience

wakabaya_ceilWakamiya-san, the owner of the Wakabaya guesthouse imagined the guesthouse as a place in which he would want to live in with his family, his wife and his young son, for the rest of his life. So the house is and has everything he imagines for his family as well. The wood he used for the house is Japanese cypress from Shikoku and he got the ideas for the design and interior of the house from his time volunteering in Senegal for 2 years and travelling around the world before he started his family.

One house, two purposes

wakabaya_ownersThe most interesting thing about Wakabaya is the family style living. The house is half home to their family and half guesthouse, with both parts being separated by doors in the middle.
Being asked why he chose to open a guesthouse after travelling the world for so long, Wakamiya-San said that he wanted to work in a job that allows him to spend a lot of time with his family, which is not common in Japanese jobs.
So this guesthouse is not the usual guesthouse, it is a home and a guesthouse at the same time and has a different atmosphere than others, especially since the little Kotaro sometimes likes to greet new guests with his winning attitude and interest in everything new.

wakabaya_informationAnother positive fact is that Wakamiya-San is fluent in English and French due to his travels, so you can ask all kinds of questions about Takamatsu and Japan when you’re there or you can just take some of the plentily available info material from the common room.

Wakamiya-San and his family would like to greet you in their home and make your stay as comfortable as possible.