Soraumi – Making Strangers Into Family

Ichinomiya area – peaceful and easygoing

soraumi_trainThe Soraumi guesthouse is a nice little guesthouse in a quiet urban area outside of Takamatsu.

It is located near the Ichinomiya Station, about 15 minutes out of the center of Takamatsu by Kotoden train. If you want to visit the beautiful Ichinomiya temple, one of the 88 temples of the Shikoku pilgrimage, you should get off there and walk the last few hundred meters to it. The name ’’Soraumi’’ also has something to do with this pilgrimage. If you write the name of the alleged founder of the 88 temple pilgrimage, (Kūkai), in Japanese in a different way, you get the word Soraumi, which means sky and sea.

soraumi_outlookThe best way to go to Soraumi is to get off at the Ichinomiya station and from there on to just follow the small path right next to the railway east for about 5 minutes until you arrive at the Soraumi guesthouse. It is the new looking building with the big windows on your right, if you followed the rails.

Like home, like family, like friends

soraumi_hanmokNose-san’s, the owner of the guesthouse, main focus at his guesthouse is that everybody has a comfortable time. Up to nine people can stay at the guesthouse at a time. The kitchen and the common space are located on the first floor as well as the toilets and the shower. The kitchen is equipped with everything you have at home and a supermarket is just around 5 minutes by foot in the neighborhood.

Most of the rooms are on the second floor, these are for up to two people at a time.The room on the first floor is available for up to three people and has it’s own hammock. Every room is private and you can have your privacy at any time you want, but he would like Soraumi to be a guesthouse where people don’t have to be alone, if they don’t want to.

Experience Japanese food culture!

soraumi_udonTry making self-made Udon noodles, a speciality of the Kagawa region with the other guests and Nose, play a game or just relax in the comfy hammocks on the ground floor and chit chat with others guests.
Since it is a quiet neighborhood and the people know each other, sometimes the people who live nearby or Noses friends come by, bring food and cook together, this way you can experience the Japanese way of living if you’re lucky!

soraumi_ownerThe owner of the guesthouse is Nose, he is a Buddhist monk, as well as a guide for the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage, so he is the perfect contact person if you want to know anything about the pilgrimage or Japanese culture. He recently started studying English, so any practice for him is good and welcome!
He has an adorable little Dachshund whose name is Sho and they both invite you to stay at Soraumi and spend an interesting time with them!

Nose-san and Sho hope you have a good time at Soraumi guesthouse!