TEN to SEN – Let the Uniqueness Surprise You

Quiet neighborhood in the middle of Takamatsu

TEN to SEN is a guesthouse that opened recently in the middle of Takamatsu near the Kawaramachi Kotoden train station. It is located in a quiet alley with plenty of smaller shops like hairdressers and cafés.

TEN to SEN_lobbyAs you enter the lobby you are just two steps away from the bright lounge area with the accompanying bar. As you step into it you instantly recognize what makes the TEN to SEN guesthouse so unique and lovable.

Let the atmosphere surprise you

TEN to SEN_ interiorThere are plenty of plants and books in the light-flooded lounge with bright wood and fitting decorations coming along with it as you can see in the pictures. Surprisingly, most of the interior all over the guesthouse is made and painted by Sugiura-San herself in month long work so you can clearly see her note and touch in all of the design and interior. At the bar you can get various Japanese and international beers, tea and of course tasty coffee.
The entrance is on the ground floor and the rooms of the guesthouse stretch from the second floor up to the fourth floor including the beautiful rooftop terrace.

TEN to SEN_bunkThere are two different kinds of rooms available. Dormitory rooms with bunk beds or private rooms with Japanese style futons. One of the dormitory style room is for up to 4 people and is only for women while the other one is for up to ten people and available for both men and women. Each one of the spacious bunk beds was made from the same bright wood as most of the furniture in the house and comes equipped with a curtain for your privacy.

TEN to SEN_roof topIf you go all the way to the highest floor of the guesthouse you can access the terrace from which you can see the rooftops of Takamatsu. Especially in the hot summers of Shikoku, spending the evening or night on there with cool drinks and chatting is pure bliss.
There are new western style toilets and showers available on all the floors for you to use.

An idea became reality

TEN to SEN_ownerThe owner, Ms. Sugiura, worked in city development and product and design planning in a manufacturing company until she opened TEN to SEN. She had always dreamed about running an accommodation for travellers from all over the world and finally, a short while ago, she opened her very own guesthouse.

As already being said in the beginning, everything in the guesthouse is done by her in her style so the interior is 100% unique which creates a special kind of atmosphere you will experience as you stay there.

When you arrive you might be impressed by how one person alone could create this guesthouse on her own and manage to balance all the different things that have to be considered so well that it creates this kind of atmosphere when it’s finally done.

Be sure to check out TEN to SEN if this sounds like your type of guesthouse!