The Marutatsu Udon – Try the sweetness of the soup with Wasanbon

It is said that the Sanuki Udon took its origin in the Kagawa prefecture in the west area of the eponym Sanuki district. That is the reason why lots of Udon stores are located on the west of Kagawa prefecture, and are more difficult to find as you approach the Tokushima prefecture belonging to the east Sanuki area. In an other hand, Udon shops located in the east Sanuki area where the traffic is quite inconvenient means that these shops are without doubt delicious !

Located in the Higashikagawa city the “Marutatsu” Udon shops are one of these ones.

IMGP2401The origin of the name “Marutatsu” is a combination  between Maru and Tatsu. Maru (the character is 和) is the name of theowner’s parents, and Tatsu (the character is 立) is taken from theowner Mr. Konishi Tatsuro.

The 30-year-old Udon shop  “Gonpei”that was once here, closed after the owner got sick. Mr. Konishi Tatsuro succeeds the shop and refreshs the appearance and taste.

IMGP2399The Udon servedin Marutatsuuse lots of ingredients from Higashikagawa city. For example, chicken is from Takahara meat shop in Sanbonmatsu, abura-age from Ikeda foodshop in Koiso, and the special ingredientofthe soup theSanuki Wasanbon is from Hikeda.

Thecommon image of Udon soup, is sweet in the east, thick in the west of the Sanuki area.  The Wasanbon soup will surprise you when its great sweetness will open in your mouth. Not only the Udon soup but also the miso sauce for oden useWasanbon.

The Wasanbon is a high-class sugar made in the Kagawa and Tokushima prefectures. This fine grained sugar produced from sugarcane grown in the region, is specially used to make the Japanese sweet, Wagashi, and traditionnal yokan.

IMGP2393The curry Udon in Marutatsu is also famous but it will be a betterchoice to order seaweed Udon or simple Udon with broth foryourfirst visit to aUdon shop. Simple taste willallowyouto recognize the differences and specialties of each noodlesand soups.

IMGP2396The main shop Iza is onthe national route 11headingto the Shirotori zoo,for those who drive we recommend you to stop by. If you travel by train, the shop Sanbonmatsu located beside the JR Sanbonmatsu station will be a good option.

When you visit one of the Marutatsu shop be sure to not  miss itsspecial Udon with Wasanbon sweet soup.


Marutatsu Iza main shop

Access: Take Okawa(大川) bus Hikeda line(引田線) and get off at Konpei(權平) stop then its a 3-minute walk.

MarutatsuSanbonmatsu shop

Access: 1-minute walk from JR Sanbonmatsu station.

  • Address: 〒769-2601 香川県東かがわ市三本松1176-1
  • Business hour: 11:30~14:30 (Closed on sold out)
  • Closed on: Monday
  • TEL: +81-87-926-9088
  • Wi-Fi: N/A
  • Language: Japanese
  • Credit card: N/A