Shirotori zoo – A place to approach and play with little animals

The Shirotori zoo located at Higashikagawa city is the only zoo in Kagawa prefecture. Along the hill, the zoo is neither big nor built with new equipments; however, the handmade park is fulfilled with a simple atmosphere and green.

From the entrance, you can feel that the Shirotori zoo is a special place as you got greet by a gorilla statue sitting there with a smile and holding a children-drawing like tiger head in the air. You can also feel the special atmosphere before you buy the ticket because of the dogs and sheeps welcoming you in front of the gate.


IMGP2427As you enter in the zoo many little animals appear in front of you. The most interesting fact is that the animals are not in cages. They are for some only separated by low walls while others can just freely wander in the zoo. There are lots of usual scenes in the zoo including being followed by rabbits, getting your way blocked by peacocks who may suddenly open their wings, or seeing roosters walking nonchalantly in front of tigers.

IMGP2439Children love to feed animals. Except for fierce animals like tigers, the other animals in the zoo can be touched and fed. A bucket with fresh vegetables and fruits cost only JPY500 and can let children feed animals to their whole heart’s content. Additionally, staffs will prepare for animals who do not eat vegetables and fruits another basket of food for only  JPY200 , and offer to the visitors a chance to get close to every animals.

IMGP2416There are also many interesting shows hold on time including puppy shows, picturetime with elephants, and handshake with otters. You will be trapped here unableto move to the next place.


IMGP2459You can even tryhorse riding on pony and experience to becomea hawker assisted by the staffs.

IMG_6496Photo credit: Shirotori zoo

But what makes the Shirotori zoo really famous is its great group of tiger, the biggest one in Japan.Moreover, in this thirty head group of tiger there are nine white tigers.


IMGP2469You will encounter lots of special white animals, their colour is due to a gene mutation, including white peacock, turkey, porcupine, and fox.

The Shirotori zoo located on the hill is still expanding. Whenever you come, you can enjoy playing with animals closely. The Shirotori zoo is also a great place to teach children that not only pet need to be loved, but every animals in the world has to be protected and cherish.


Access:Fromthe JR Sanuki Shirotori station with ataxi about 10 minutes, orby walk about 35 minutes