Shinpei Udon – Quality Udon with full-service in the shopping street

Location and time is really convenient

Takamatsu, the uncrowned capital of udon, has udon restaurants in abundance and most of them are self-service for the benefit of price and convenience for the shop.
But there are a few restaurants with full-service and one of them is at the south end of the shopping street, close to the famous Ritsurin Garden.

shinpeiudon_shopThe signboard outside is colored orange and bicycles are mounted to the wall, so you will have no problem finding your way there!

shinpeiudon_boardIn addition to, you can use English and Chinese. It is open during the evening time unlike most udon shops, as well as on Sundays, if you ever crave udon this is the perfect shop for you!

High quality Udon – high satisfaction

Shinpei Udon is a full-service restaurant, this is one of the reasons why their udon dishes are always top quality and perfectly harmonized.

shinpeiudon_shippokuHere an example of one of the restaurants representative menus, Takamatsu’s local “Shippoku-udon” which is served only in winter. It is an altered form of udon, the broth is made by soy sauce and seaweed and simmering root vegetable and chicken are boiled in it.

shinpeiudon_toritenThis is Toriten-bukkake, it’s a quite famous dish at Shinpei Udon. It comes with crispy deep fried chicken and some vegetable and lots of other small side toppings. It’s one of the restaurants special dishes, so if this sounds good to you, you should definitely pay a visit there!

Shinpei Udon does not only serve all kinds of high quality udon menus, but also delicious side menus like boiled vegetables, tempura and alcohol drinks. All kinds of people are frequent customers there, no matter if Japanese or foreigner.

shinpeiudon_staffAt Shinpei Udon, there is many staff which is used to take food orders from foreign people. If you have any difficulties with the menu or the order, feel free to ask the staff.
In particular the owner can speak English and Chinese so there will be no question unanswered.

Let’s eat quality Takamatsu udon at Shinpei Udon!


Shinpei Udon しんぺいうどん

  • ADDRESS:香川県高松市田町13-6
  • OPEN HOURS:11:00~15:00, 17:30~21:00
  • TEL:+81-87-834-6334