Kawaramachi Station and FLAG – Heart of Takamatsu

Kawaramachi Station is a multipurpose spot in the center of Takamatsu that is of interest for natives and locals in their everyday life. This Kawaramachi station is a part of shopping building, Kawaramachi FLAG and both are run by the local Kotoden train company.
From the past, the main purpose of Kawaramachi was to serve as the main crosspoint for most of trains and busses, but it has developed into much more over the years.

As the train station

At Kawaramachi, most of the train and bus lines run together and if you want to travel somewhere locally in Takamatsu, chances are high that you will depart or wrap up your trip at Kawaramachi.

kawaramachi_mapA quick overview which directions you can take from Kawaramachi are marked in red.
The black stations are Japanese Railways stations that do not belong to the Kotoden network.

kawaramachi_gateThis is the inside of Kawaramachi train station. Here you can see the ticket gates in the middle, right to it the counter with the staff and where the people are standing on the right is the ticket machine. At the counter you can buy the Kotoden IruCa (IC-card), buy the Busshozan-Onsen ticket or just ask the station staff questions, if you have any.

As the shopping center


kawaramachi_arcadeWith Kawaramachi FLAG opening in late 2015, you won’t need to leave central Takamatsu for one of the shopping malls on the outskirts of Takamatsu anymore if you feel like shopping. Kawaramachi FLAG is really convenient and has everything you need in one big building on 10 floors, from a wide range of clothes shops, a giant bookstore to an arcade where you can play all kinds of games.

If you want to get a rest, check out the rooftop terrace that offers you a stunning view

As the landmark

kawaramachi_billboardSince the Kawaramachi building is one of the biggest in central Takamatsu, it’s easily distinguishable and you can use it for orientation. A lot of infrastructure is close to Kawaramachi, such as a police station, the shopping street and lots of restaurants. If you’re new to Takamatsu, use it as a meeting point or to check directions to your next goal destination!

On the north side of the second floor you can find Kawaramachi station and on the south side Kawaramachi FLAG.In front of Kawaramachi building, you can find a famous coffee shop and busses and cabs depart to around Takamatsu and airport from there as well.

Kawaramachi Station and Kawaramachi FLAG are definitely worth a visit since it offers something for everybody.
Enjoy the convenience that Kawaramachi building offers in the center of Takamatsu!


Kawatamachi FLAG / 瓦町FLAG