Sakaeda – Famous Udon in the heart of Takamatsu

The Udon restaurant even early birds can eat

Kagawa prefecture is known as the Udon prefecture, naturally it is famous for the biggest number and best Udon restaurants in Japan. But the restaurant we would like to introduce today stands out, even among such a broad competition. It is located near the prefectural government office building which is designed by Tange Kenzo and the Kagawa University.
Even you visit Sakaeda early, time you will already see it many people wanting to eat the delicious Udon at six or seven in the morning.

Sakaeda – A good place to experience your first Udon

sakaeda_insideSakaeda is an institution that is loved by it’s regulars for the low price, good taste and easy to eat Udon.
During lunchtime, especially from 12 to 1, people form a long queue outside of the restaurant to wait for their beloved Udon. You can experience how much the people in Kagawa love Udon just by coming here.
But if you’re just looking for Udon without having to queue up before, come any other time than lunchtime!

Master self-service

Sakaeda is completely self-service. You order your Udon, get your bowl and prepare it yourself. Sounds difficult, but it isn’t!
Let’s try the following example


  • Kake-Udon   Small-180, Medium-210, Large-240
  • Bukkake-Udon   Small-200, Medium-240, Large-260
  • Zaru-Udon   Small-210, Medium-250, Large-270
  • Kamaage-Udon   Small-210, Medium-250, Large-270
  • Kamatama-Udon   Small-280, Medium-320, Large-340
  • Soba (Not Udon)   Small-200, Big-260
  • Riceball     100
  • Sushi     120
  • Tenpura     90


You will have a lot of choices, please refer to our Udon guide if you want to learn more about the different types of Udon.
The most standard type is “Kake Udon”, let’s try to do a How-to order with it.
At first you need to order three things at the counter, the type of Udon, the size and what side dishes you would like.
For example: Kake Udon, Small, with one Tenpura

sakaeda_provideThe staff will give you your Udon like in the picture.

sakaeda_boilPut your Udon in one of the draining baskets, dunk it in the hot water for a 5-8 seconds, let the water drip out a bit then put them back into your bowl.

sakaeda_tenpuraThose are the side dishes, if you ordered one, pick one and put it in your bowl of Udon or dishes.

sakaeda_toppingThe last step are the toppings, those are free.
Clockwise from the top it’s tempura batter, green onions, wasabi, ginger and sesame.

sakaeda_pourAnd finally, pour the broth over your Udon.

sakaeda_udonHere you can see our choice, Kake Udon with toppings of tempura batter, green onions and sesame seeds.

If you order a different type of Udon than Kake, the staff will prepare it and bring it to you – so no self service other than toppings.


Sakaeda/ さか枝