Natasho – A Different Kind of Bookstore

The entrance to the Japanese book world in a quiet alley

We encounter second-hand bookstores all the time all around the world but this bookstore is a little bit different than the others. Book stores have this unexplainable force of attraction, if you see one you want to go in and look around for a bit and even though you don’t find anything you want you still have this feeling of content after you leave.
Especially second-hand bookstores with their old wooden floors which are cracking into the silence as you check out the myriad of books available, emit this feeling.

If you like books you should give the Natasho bookstore a shot. As you leave the busy mainstream-shopping street arcade you’ll find it in a quiet alley.natasho_entranceThe door is covered with fern as if it is hiding from the world and all it’s trouble.

Abundant book culture up the stairs


natasho_books2After going up steep stairs you’ll find yourself among plenty of books that are put in no specific order. Since all of these books are from a different eras and genres it’s interesting to check out the covers and to guess what they might be about and from what era of writing style they are. The building in which Natasho is also not the newest and this contributes to the atmosphere of the whole store.

natasho_mangaEven if you don’t understand Japanese you will definitely have a good time here. You will find lots of old Manga, one of Japans most famous art genres, which became increasingly popular in the western world as well in the past decade.
The manga on the top in this picture was published about 55 years ago, which makes it a part of Japanese manga history, something that has helped the genre become what it is today.

The place grew with customer’s suggestions for over 10 years

natashoHere you can see Mr. Kiki, the owner of Natasho bookstore.
He came from Tokyo 10 years ago to Takamatsu and wanted to show people the perks of nice second-hand books since there was not a single store like this on Shikoku.
He told us that the number of foreign visitors is increasing year by year and that he is happy about every visitor that comes and appreciates the store and the books.
Even if you can’t speak Japanese you can have a good time with 20th century magazines, pioneer manga and a nice atmosphere at Natasho bookstore!

To be sure that Mr.Kiki is at his bookstore, since it’s not his only work, please arrange an appointment with him in advance!


Natasho / なタ書