All Shikoku Rail Pass – Explore Shikoku by Train

If you plan to travel to more than one city on Shikoku the “All Shikoku Rail Pass” is the most reasonable and easiest way to find your way from city to city!

What is the All Shikoku Rail Pass?

allshikokurailpass_kochiThe All Shikoku Rail Pass is a ticket that allows you to travel the 1,100km of railroad in Shikoku for 2~5 consecutive days for a fixed price.
If you intend to travel Shikoku for more than one consecutive day this ticket will save you a lot of money and hassle since you don’t need to buy tickets for every single train you will use.


The ticket was created by the collaboration of the Shikoku JR (No.1) and the local train companies, namely Iyotetsu Railway (No.2), Tosaden Kotsu Railway (No.3), Tosa Kuroshio Railway (No.4), Asa Kaigan Railway (No.5) and Kotoden (No.6) to make travelling for foreigners more convenient.

Where can you buy it?

ticket counterYou can buy the ticket at Takamatsu Station, Matsuyama Station, Tokushima Station, Kochi Station and the JR Shikoku travel center in Umeda, Osaka.
It is also possible to buy it online. You will get a voucher that you will have to exchange for the real ticket at one of the sales offices mentioned before.


2 consecutive days 6,300 yen
3 consecutive days 7,200 yen
4 consecutive days 7,900 yen
5 consecutive days 9,700 yen
Reduced rates apply to children aged 6-11 (50% off)

Additional informations you should know

・The Shikoku Rail Pass is not transferable to anybody other than yourself, you need to carry your passport at all times.
・Only foreign tourists can buy and use the Shikoku Rail Pass.


All Shikoku Rail Pass