Let’s climb to Yashima to enjoy a beautiful sunset

The wide Setouchi Inland Sea always impress people who have been to Takamatsu. Endless horizon where all kind of boats are sailing peacefully among the floating islands. When the weather is calm the waves looks just like a  painting; while, when the storm is coming they appear to behave like an impulsive teenager with  short temper. Naturally, there are many factors affecting the scenery of Setouchi Inland Sea, not just the wave. For example, the color of the sea and the sky will differ on seasons, and the height of the point view, also create the different sceneries of Setouchi Inland Sea.

Yashima is the closest and highest place to enjoy the scenery of Setouchi Inland Sea nearby Takamatsu city. Comparing to the view that you have at Takamatsu port or on the boat, you can from here enjoy a wider panoramic view of Setouchi Inland Sea. If the condition are at their best you will not only see Megijima and Ogijima which are close to Takamatsu city, but also the Great Seto Bridge. At the day is fading, the color of the sun turned to orange as it goes sinking into the sea, driving all your attention on the Setouchi Inland Sea. The beautiful sunset of Yashima is one of the only two places in Takamatsu listed on the Japan’s One Hundred Most Beautiful Sunset, the other being Ogijima.

P1020352The most convenient way to reach Yashima is to take Kotohira Electric Railroad and get off at the Kotoden Yashima station, then take the shuttle bus to Yashima-Sanjo. The Kotoden Yashima station is small but elegant and have been listed in 2009 as a Heritage of Industrial Modernization.

During summer there is plenty of events, therefore they increased the number of shuttle bus. It is recommended to check the time table on the website of Kotohira Electric Railroad before your trip.

The New Yashima Aquarium is open until 17:00. If you arrive at Yashima in the afternoon, it will be a good choice to come here first. There are about 150 fish species, totally 1,500 fishes, aquatic mammals, and amphibians sharing the aquarium. There is even a dolphin show every weekend.

No cold wind like winter and early sunset like spring, summer is the best time to feel the charm of Yashima. The shops of Yashima hold lots of events form July 22. Some restaurants extend business hours and offer barbecue service only prior reservation. Besides, open air music festival call “Tenku Music” are hold every Friday and Saturday from the end of August. Enjoying concert with a Japan’s One Hundred Most Beautiful Sunset at the very same time, could you dream better combination ?

P1020389Only in Yashima  you can appreciate a dinner looking at the exceptional landscape where Setouchi Inland Sea, islands, sunset,  Takamatsu’s cityscape blend together.

P1020387There no surprise to say that makes Yashima the best spot for a sunset picture.

P1020427After the sun sinks into the sea, the islands and Setouchi Inland Sea scenery becomes mild. Far and close, wide and narrow, the different sizes and shapes of the islands vitalize the Setouchi Inland Sea landscape.

P1020548The scenery is changing at every single moment.

Besides the tourist spots and famous islands in Setouchi Triennale, if you have time, it is really recommended to appreciate the sunset and night view from Yashima. It will certainly light up your stay at Takamatsu.



Access: From Kotoden Yashima station, take the 10-minute shuttle bus to Yashima-sanjo.