How to Withdraw Money

So far, shopping with your credit card wasn’t as popular in Japan compared to other countries and that’s why Japan is still a bit of a cash country.
In order to be independent from your credit card we want to show you where and how you can easily withdraw money in Japan.


Seven Bank

atm_sevenelevenThe easiest way to withdraw at an ATM in Japan is by finding one of the plentily available 7-Elevens and use their ATM’s. The shops are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Seven Bank is known among foreigners to accept most, if not all, foreign credit cards and it offers a menu in English as soon as you insert your card. atm

If you want to find out more, please check the website of Seven Bank for more detailed information.



JP Bank(Bank of the Japan Post Group)

You can withdraw money from the ATM’s of the JP Bank with most foreign credit cards. atm_yuchoFor informations on usage of cards, please consult the card issuing financial institution.
atm_service hours

Currency Exchange

It is not really necessary or advisable to buy Yen in your home country since you will most likely pay a higher comission than in Japan. You can exchange currencies at every Bank in Japan, but the service hours are not the most convenient.
Those are the operating hours of most banks in Japan, but there are exceptions.