NODAYA Denki Electronics Store

NODAYA Denki is the only electronics store located in the downtown area of Takamatsu city, about 15 minutes walk from Takamatsu-Chikkou Station.

We strongly recommend for tourists to try Nodaya Denki for those who would purchase electronic products in the walking distance from the hotels in the downtown area of Takamatsu city, where they carry most of the products like Rice cookers, Light Bulbs, Thermoses etc.

English Communication Is Welcome

Mr. Furukawa who is the president of NODAYA Denki told us that there is big change to the nationality of the tourists who visit Takamatsu city. 20 years ago, mainly customers from India and Philippines came to the stores. In recent years, the number of customers from China, Korea and Western countries are increasing, and the demand for products are very different depending on their nationalities.

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Mr. Furukawa politely answered all of our question with passion. He speaks English well, so you do not have to worry about communicating in Japanese. Also, all of the staff in NODAYA Denki are equipped with translator apps on their smart phones so basically communication is not a big hassle here.

Popular product lineups

NODAYA Denki doesn’t carry unnecessary numbers of products like big electronics stores in the suburban area. But they know the tourists demands very well by their long experience with dealing with customers with different nationalities, so they cover most of the popular items among them like Thermos by Tiger and Zojirushi, Vacaum by Dyson, Hair Dryers from Panasonic, Roomba etc.

Store space is not that big but they carry wide-range of products from Ink cartridges to Mixers.


Hair dryers and Rice cookers.

Carries domestic and even foreign brands, Panosonic electric toothbrush with Ultrasonic vibration, Philips sonicare electric toothbrush with 5 modes: Clean, Gum Care, Polish, Sensitive, White..

Electric shavers are popular among the tourists as well. You can always meet your demands in NODAYA Denki, in emergency case like your digital camera’s battery got broken or lost in the middle of the travel.

Smooth and Easy Tax Exemption procedures

NODAYA Denki does not require complicated tax exemption procedures like others, All you need to do is show your passport and products you are purchasing at the casher, you just pay the price that excludes any consumption taxes with no service fees.

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Since a high percentage of customers who come to the store are foreign tourists, store clerks are used to do the tax exemption procedure, so you do not have to wait a long time.But because of the electricity voltage differences between countries, always make sure with the store clerk that the products can be used in your home country with no problem.
Come visit NODAYA Denki which is close and convenient for the tourists and can always satisfy your needs.


野田屋电机/NODAYA Denki Electronics Store

6 minutes walk from Kotoden Kataharamachi station
11 minutes walk from JR Takamatsu station