Hoshigoe-no-sato – A restaurant to enjoy the tasty Sanuki Yume Buta

Because of the warm climate of Setouchi Inland Sea, people living in Kagawa prefecture started livestock farming since the ancient time. Nowadays, they are home of three excellent livestock products named Sanuki Sanchiku(讃岐三畜) which are the Sanuki Gyu -caw-, the Sanuki Yume Buta -pig-, and Sanuki Cochin chicken.

In 1994, the Kagawa Livestock Research Institute imported the best black pig from England. After 4-years of development, they launched the Sanuki black pig brand name on the market in 1998. The next year the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan defined that only purebred black pig could use the brand name “black pig”. That is why you can find two kinds of products on the market nowadays, the Sanuki Kuro-buta -black pig-, the purebred black pig, and, the Sanuki Yume Buta bred from a black pig and a white pig.

For improving the meat’s quality, Sanuki Yume Buta eats feed with higher ratio of nutritious wheat for seven months, which is longer by one month than the common pig farming. The great environment and special feed are the two keys making Sanuki Yume Buta produce a tender and mellow meat.

This Sanuki Yume Buta meat’s tenderness is so exceptional than simple cooking like sauté or frying can bring alive all its deliciousness.

There are lots of restaurants serving Sanuki Yume Buta meals in Kagawa. Among them, Hoshigoe-no-sato located on the roadside station Nagao -Michi-no-Eki Nagao- just in front of the Maeyama Ohenro Koryu Salon, offers Sanuki Yume Buta directly from the farm assuring a stable supply of high-quality meat. In addition, Hoshigoe-no-sato also serves Sanuki Black Pork meals.

IMGP3518The sauteed pork chop of Sanuki Black Pork is served with simple seasoning to avoid any unnecessary smell and focus on the natural sweetness of the meat as it melted in your mouth.

IMGP3520There is still another pork named Olive Yume Buta -oliveDream Pork- which eats feed incorporating olives. Their meat is not only as tender as the Sanuki Yume Buta’s meat but also has a light olive fragrance. Deep-fried pork chop is crispy on the outside and tender in the inside, and eating it with the home-made vinegar sauce will have a refreshing note to the meal.

Besides Hoshigoe-no-sato, there are some restaurants, usually pasting identification stickers on the door, serving Sanuki Sanchiku in Takamatsu city. However, lots of restaurants request reservation from 3 days to 1 week ahead of arrival. Therefore, once you find a restaurant that attracts your interest, the better to check and reserve it as soon as you can. Trying Sanuki Yume Buta will definitely be one of your delicious memories.



Access: Take the Sanuki city bus Shido-Tawa green line (志度-多和線) from Kotoden Shido station or JR Shido station to Road Station Nagao (道の駅 ながお). The journey is about 50 minutes.The time table of Sanuki city bus green line(Japanese)

  • Address: 7669-2305 香川県さぬき市前山925-1
  • Business hours: 11:00~14:00
  • Closed on: Tuesday
  • TEL: +81-87-952-2544
  • WEB: http://hoshigoenosato.com
  • Wi-Fi: N/A
  • Language: Japanese
  • Credit card: N/A

Restaurants serving Sanuki Sanchiku meals in Takamatsu city


Access: 1-minute walk from kotoden Kawaramachi station.

  • Address: 760−0048 香川県高松市福田町13-5
  • Business hours: 17:30~23:00
  • Closed on: Irregular holidays (check by telephone)
  • TEL: +81-87-851-6545
  • WEB: https://www.facebook.com/おきる-1012662092136088/
  • Wi-Fi: N/A
  • Language: Japanese
  • Credit card: N/A

Sanuki YakinikuAn Japon (讃岐焼肉庵 じゃぽん)

Access: 10-minute walk from Kotoden Kawaramachi station.

  • Address: 760-0045 香川県高松市古馬場町7-7 宇野ビル1階
  • Business hours: 16:30~23:00(L.O. 22:30)
  • Closed on: Sunday
  • TEL: +81-87-821-9032
  • WEB: N/A
  • Wi-Fi: N/A
  • Language: Japanese
  • Credit card: Available

Setouchi Ajidokoro Katsu (瀬戸内味処 活)

Access: 6-minute walk from Kotoden Kawaramachi station.

  • Address: 760-0050 高松市亀井町11-3 江郷第1ビル1F
  • Business hours: 10:45~14:00(L.O. 13:45)、17:00~22:00(L.O. 21:30)
  • Closed on: Sunday
  • TEL: +81-87-833-8955
  • WEB: http://www.setokatu.com/access.html
  • Wi-Fi: N/A
  • Language: Japanese
  • Credit card: Available