Delicious and tasty street food – the Hiraoka croquette

Visiting Konpira Shrine and learning how to make Udon at Nagano Udon school is not your only choice when you are visiting Kotohira. If you do not try the Hiraoka croquette at the Hiraoka meat market located opposite to the Ryokan Kotobuki, your travel is not perfect. Many Japanese come to buy croquettes, but why is the meat market selling fried croquette here ?

002Lots of beef meat leftovers are put into the croquette, it is the special attraction here.

Because the meat leftover or mince has a large area in contact with the air, it is easy to oxidize and change color. As it cannotbe sold as a products and throwing it away would be a waste, the store solvesthe problem by adding the leftover meat into the croquette and fried it in the fat originally thrown away. Therefore, as the croquette from Hiraoka meat market is cheaperand more delicious than otherstores or supermarkets, it becomes quickly a trend.

003So when you visit Hiraoka meat market, do not miss their meat croquettes (肉コロッケ, JPY150) and their fried meat cakes (平岡ママのミンチカツ, JPY270円).

I have experienced crunchy, soft and juicy with these two simple street food. When I took the first bite, I could nothelp to takethe second one. The tasty beef pushing me to buy each kind of food, and holding them in both hands to eat them all at once. When you visit Kotohira, I really recommend you to buy these food first and then going to Konpira Shrine after you enjoy the meal !

There are many kinds of fried food at Hiraoka meat market, but my favorites are croquettes and fried meat cakes. Next time when you visit Kotohira, do not forget to taste some local food instead of only rememberingUdon and Konpira Shrine, it will make you want to come back again.


Access: Take Kotoden Kotohira line or JR to Kotohira station then take a 5-minutewalk.

      • Address: 〒766-0002 香川県仲多度郡琴平町220
      • Business hours: 8:00 ~18:00
      • Closed on: Wednesday(Open on publicholiday)
      • TEL:+81-87-775-3866
      • Credit Card: N/A