Endless laughter – The Shinyashima Aquarium

It is really difficult to arrange a schedule for travellers who just arrived in Takamatsu or will take a plane in few hours. Bringing luggage around for shopping is too inconvenient, and the possibility of a delay while going to the island is stopping people with anxiety, even if it looks a good idea. In this case, the Shinyashima Aquarium which is small but complete in every detail may be the best option.

新屋島水族館2Photo credit: Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad official website

When it comes to aquarium, many people think of a place nearby the sea. However, the Shinyashima Aquarium, located beside Shinya-ji (one of 88 temples of Shikoku), is a rare Japanese aquarium situated in mountains.

新屋島水族館1Photo credit: Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad official website

Not including transfer time, it takes about 40 minutes from Takamatsu’s centre to the summit of Yashima mountain by Kotoden or JR line. When you get off the shuttle bus, walk along the small route in front of the parking lot to reach the Shinyashima Aquarium.

P1020430Elevated at 300m Yashima mountain offers a nice panoramic view. On the way to Shinyashima Aquarium you will pass in front of a tea house combined with hotel, named Yashima no Yado Momotaro, here many travellers stop only to enjoy the wild and calm scenery of Seto Inland Sea.

IMGP1461Even though Shinyashima Aquarium appears small it is well-designed offering to all customers the chance to participate to a lot of events and get in touch with the marine wild life.

IMGP1475One of the most famous eventsof the park is the dolphin live theatre, whichmakes peoplelaughingnon-stop.The smart and cute dolphins interact with the staff in such a funny way that not only children laugh but the adults too, give great applauses.

IMGP1552Next to the dolphin show there is the sealspool.Theirblack and round eyes are so charming that people cannot movetheireyes away from them.

IMGP1514Let’s leave this exciting outdoor area and go to the indoor area focused on experience and enjoyment.

IMGP1533Feeding experienceisone of the special events thatyou shouldnot miss. Besides observing cuteanimalseating, children can also participate by feedingturtles, small-clawed otters, manatees, seals and penguins.

IMGP1500However be careful as there is no restaurant in Shinyashima Aquarium,only drink stands. If you would like to have lunch there aretwo tea housesnamed Momotaro and Reigannear the aquarium.Be reassured that you can re-enter the aquarium presenting your ticket bought that day.After you say goodbye to thecute marine lifekeep some times to  enjoy the amazingpanoramic view from Yashima.We highly recommend that you alsogo totheYashima-ji beside the aquarium,it willdefinitely enrich your memories ofthis Yashima trip.


Access: About 10 minutes by shuttle bus from Kotoden Yashima station or JR Yashima station (100yen)