Let’s go to the summery Seto Inland Sea – The Tsudanomatsubara Beach resort

Lots of travellers come to Kagawa for the Seto Inland Sea where they like to relax along its beautiful and calm sea.

Island hopping is one of the trendy travel options in Kagawa. However, just picture yourself swimming in the Seto Inland Sea. How much fun does it sound for you? Quite exciting is not it!

Only about 1 hour by train from Takamatsu with the JR Kotoku line, the Tsudanomatsubara Kinrin Park is one of 100 Best Beaches in Japan. Its pine forest, planted as windbreak, can be traced back to Edo period. Many trees are said to be older than 600 years old.

003White fine sand beach, bluish-green black pine forest and wide blue sea, this is the gorgeous scenery awaiting you. Every summer, Tsudanomatsubara beach resort is the longest swimming beach in Kagawa.

004There are almost 3,000 black pines planted along the 1km long beach, allowing you when the sun is shining hard to enjoy the sea breeze while resting in the shade.

005If you watch the population enjoying this calm beach with gentle waves, you will realize that there not only people swimming, but also practicing marine sports. At the seaside there are stores called “Umi no Ie” (literally the “house of the sea”) offering a cozy place where you can rest, eat, take shower and change clothes.

Even though you come from afar, you just need a swimsuit and a towel to enjoy the beautiful view of Seto Inland Sea.

006In July, as the Japanese summer vacation has not started yet, there are only few people on the beach. However when August comes Tsudanomatsubara beach resort starts holding festivals and activities attracting crowd of tourists.

007If you have time, remember to come to Tsuda, you will definitely be charmed by the beauty of Seto inland sea.



Access:10 minute-walk from JR Sanuki-Tsuda station

Address:〒769-2401 香川縣讚岐市津田町津田
Business Hours: 24hrs
Closed on: N/A
Telephone: +81-87-894-1114 (Commerce and Tourism Department of Sanuki city)
WEB: http://sanuki-kanko.jp/event/summer/post-1436.html
Facebook : N/A
Wi-Fi : N/A
Language : Japanese

Services and prices of “Umi no Ie”
Relaxing seat:
Three tatami seat: 2000 yen on weekdays, 3000 yen on weekend (per day)
Four tatami seat: 3000 yen on weekdays, 4000 yen on weekend (per day)
Changing room: 50 yen (per person per use)
Shower: 150 yen (per person per use)

Presentation of the main event at Tsudanomatsubara beach resort in 2018

The 3rd udon prefecture Sanuki open water swimming race

Site: Tsudamatsubara beach resort
Date: 22 July, 2018 (Sunday)
Beginning time: 9:30~
Website: http://openwater.jp/competition/第3回うどん県さぬきオープンウォータースイム/

RSK cup Kagawa beach volleyball Sanuki Tsuda Festival 2018

Site: Tsudanomatsubara beach resort
Date : 28 July, 2018 (Saturday)
Beginning time : 9 : 00~
Website : https://www.rsk.co.jp/event/k_beach18/guide.html

Beach seine experience

Site: Tsudanomatsubara beach resort
Date: 28 July, 2018 (Saturday),  2nd Aug.,2018 (Thursday) ,  9 Aug, 2018 (Thursday)
Participants: 100 max
Registration time: 12: 00~
Website: http://sanuki-kanko.jp/event/summer/post-1451.html

Tsudanomatsubara cutter event 2018

Site : Tsuda furusato coast
Date: 18 Aug., 2018(Saturday)
Beginning time: 9:00~
Website: http://sanuki-kanko.jp/event/summer/post-1466.html

Tsuda Festival

Site : Tsudanomatsubara beach resort
Date: 18 Aug., 2018 (Saturday)
Beginning time: 16:00 ~ 21:00 (Firework – 20:30)
Website: http://sanuki-kanko.jp/event/summer/post-887.html

The 5thTsudanomatsubara beach rugby festival

Site : The west coast of Tsudanomatsubara beach resort
Date: 19 Aug., 2018 (Sunday)
Beginning time: 9:30 ~
Website: https://www.beachrugby-tsuda.com/