The Paradise of Cow in the Plain – The Oyama Farm

You cannot forget the gorgeous taste of Japanese fresh milk in your mouth once you drink it. Even though you can buy some tasty milk easily in supermarket or convenience store, you should definitely try the fresh local milk while you are visiting Kagawa.

002The Oyama farm, located at the Okawa-cho of Sanukishi, has been running for 60 years. This is not a big farm and its equipment is simple, but here is the only farm breeding Jersey cattle in Kagawa. The Jersey cattle are one of the oldest species of cows originally bred in the Jersey Island. This small cow produce milk with the highest butterfat and protein content among the dairy cow breeds given to milk its great taste.

003_sThe Oyama farm does not have many recreation facilities or milking experience. However, you can enjoy the panoramic view over the farmland. Sitting here and looking at cows on the plain will certainly relax you. Visit the cattle barns behind the farm before noon and look at the nearby cattle leisurely listening to classical music. Seeing this clean and cozy environment, you will realize the love of owner for his cattle.

004_sThere isa mysterious cabin covered by green leaves at the right side of the farm entrance. Open the door and let yourself surrender to the fragranceof breads. Here is the bakery of Oyama farm.

005Besides the milk and dairy products they alsohave various kinds of freshly baked breads, tasty cakes and puddings. The most recommendeditem is fried-curry bread which is made in front of you after you ordered. Also, do not miss the fresh thick milk ice cream.

006If your schedule is too busy to visit the farm, you also can go to the Oyama farm store located in the Marugame shopping street of Takamatsucity.

007The bakery is simple, yet the bread smell in the store alone will make you happy. When you feel tired after shopping in Marugame shopping street, do not be hurry to find a coffee shop to rest. Look for the signboard of Oyama farm and dive into the shop without hesitating. Buy some milk or yogurt with a bread or a cake and finish with a tasty ice cream. We believe that you will be as satisfied as going to a chain coffee shop, maybe even more, and keep a sweet memory of your travel.


Oyama Farm

Access: 15 minute-walk from JR Kanzaki station

Address:〒761-0901 香川県さぬき市大川町富田西224
Business Hours: 9:00 – 17:00
Closed on: Tuesday (Open during public holiday)
Telephone: +81-87-943-5645
Wi-Fi: N/A
Credit Card: N/A

Oyama farm shop in Marugamemachi

Access: 5 minute-walk from Kotoden Kawaramachi station

Address: 〒760-0029 香川県高松市丸亀町14-6高松丸龜町二番街2號館1
Business Hours: 11:00 – 18:30
Closed on: Tuesday
Telephone: +81-87-822-5165
Wi-Fi: N/A
Credit Card: N/A