Exclusive service for hotel guests – Kimono Wearing

It should be fascinating joining Kimono-Wearing program at the hotel you will be staying.

Rihga Hotel Zest Takamatsu and Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu start accommodation plan with Kimono-Wearing taking a cue from increasing foreign tourists. When people who have interest in one of Japanese cultures Kimono book these hotels, they could also get an appointment with Kimono plan. This plan gives you an enjoyable travel with troubles finding drapers.

The cost for accommodation plans with Kimono Wearing start at JPY8500 at Rihga Hotel Zest Takamatsu, and at JPY 17600 at Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu. How about taking this accommodation plan and wearing Kimono at Japanese costume shops. You could take photos and take a walk in the town with JPY 2000 extra. This plan is also very interesting to Japanese guests.