Mure Genpei Stone lanterns road―it turns the whole notion of stone sculptures.

What comes on your mind when you hear the word “stone lantern”? If it reminds you of the solemn lanterns which stand on either side of the road to shrine or temple, you must check out this event “Genpei Stone lantern road”.

When I just saw the advertisement of this event, I thought it’s very ordinary stone lantern and nothing so special. Before dark, I got out from JR Yakuri Station and I was guided to the lantern road by one of the staff. At the time I was so glad that I could come to this place.

If you know well about Japanese history, “genpei” may remind you of the Genpei Battle. However, this place is famous for not only the site of the battle but granite quarry. Aji stone is quarried from Mt. Goken in Mure town. The stone has fine texture, elegant luster, peculiar colour and solid-looking. That why it is called “diamond of granite” and costly.

Stone lanterns beyond the imagination

Mure Genpei stone lantern road is in its 12th year since this event began.
186 works are exhibited in this year. Each work has different shape with different way of expression and concept of art such as cute one, heartwarming one, one with modern technology sense etc. It was completely beyond what I expect to a stone lantern.

P1020688_1Hello from the cup―it looks cute like a real dog

P1020694_1There is more in Aji. Recently “Sanuki Aji stone glass” draws attention little by little. It is colored in ‘colour of Setouchi’. Rainbow glass is created from Aji stone and Aji glass.

P1020700_1People tend to have literally hard impression to stone work. Parent and child creates warm atmosphere.


P1020731_1Robot expresses modern technology through the transition of colorful light.

P1020743_1Regardless of young and old people are attracted by A Boy fishing stars and take photos.

P1020771_1Mure Genpei Stone lantern road continues for about 1 km. The works can be seen along the road, in front of houses and in the exhibition.

Various interesting events are going on.

P1020749_1Enjoying seeing many different stone lanterns works are not all you can do here. Some activities are organized for you by sponsor and residents.

P1020814_1Even stone work shop put a stall and display stone goods such as stone lantern, vase and small ornament.


P1020813_1“Make and walk with my lantern” is held every Saturday night. You can make your own lantern with your children. Your walk will be much more enjoyable with it.

P1020763_1Every Sunday’s music performance requires booking for inside seats which cost 500 yen. Bench and projector are available for outside guests.

Many varieties of stalls

You can enjoy toy stalls by sponsor as well as ones by residents just outside their own house.



P1020773_1Take a break at stalls of shaved ice, food or drink when you get tired.

P1020829_2In Genpei Stall Village, there are a lots of stalls for drink, food, shaved ice and so on.

P1020837_1Children look at yo-yo scooping with curiosity even when they are tired walking.

At dawn, relax and walk along Mure Genpei stone lantern road, feel a breeze blow on your face. Enjoy the unique Japanese festival as admiring the change of stone light. Though it takes only 20 minutes from Takamatsu city by train, this place gives you totally different impression with the city centre. Let’s come and find out the beauty of it!


Ishiakari road

20-minutes Kotoden  from Kotoden Kataharamachi station