Toy Coffee

“Toy Coffee” is the first coffee shop which serves coffee by the Clever Coffee Dripper. It opened with a great success on 6th July 2016. Takeaway is also available. It is located only 6 minutes away from JR Takamatu station and Kotoden Tikkou station, which is convenient location for travelers as well as locals.

The shop’s name comes from English word “toy”, expressing the shop manager Mr. Sumino’s wish for the shop to be a place that anybody can drop in freely.

The coffee beans are from over 10 different origins such as Brazil and Sumatra Mandheling, and the prices start from 350 yen. The beans are roasted in-house to be able to serve fresh coffee every day.

The Clever Coffee Dripper was made in Taiwan. It has a valve on the bottom of the dripper that keeps brew from pouring down.  The valve is opened and the coffee begins to drain into a cup when the dripper is placed on it. If you set a timer, you don’t have to stick around the dripper as you always do with a hand dripper. This dripper combines the feature of French press brewing as well. You can enjoy tasty cup of coffee without putting effort. The name the “Clever Coffee Dripper” is very true.

The coffee is very carefully brewed with the Clever Coffee Dripper one by one after ordered. The popular menu is ones with beans from Brazil, Sumatra Mandheling and El Salvador which have relatively mellow tastes. The extraction time is about 5 minutes and the price is 200 yen per serve.

Any other drink like café au lait and calpico and dessert like chiffon cake are also on the menu.

It is suitable as a gift or souvenir for friends and family since gift wrapping service is available. Coffee wasn’t Mr. Sumino’s favorite before. But when he had a coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans for the first time in his life, it awoke his interest in coffee. Then he experienced the taste of the clever dripped coffee and a desire sprouted in his mind that he wants to let the people in Kagawa know how wonderful the clever dripped coffee is. That is the reason why he opened the Toy Coffee.

Ms. Kadono said “we are fully cared serving fresh beans and showing respect for farmers who grow coffee beans. Everything goes in cycles that the farmers produce better quality of beans by having better lives.”

Why don’t you drop in and have a cup of warm-hearted coffee when you visit Takamatsu?


토이커피 / トイ珈琲

6-minutes walk from Kotoden Chikko station,JR Takamatsu station

  • ADDRESS:香川県高松市西内町2‐6 岩倉ビル
  • OPEN HOURS:8:30-19:00
  • CLOSED:Sun,Mon
  • TEL・FAX:+81-87-880-5456
  • MAIL:
  • LANGUAGE:Japanese
  • Foreign Languag Menu:English
  • Credit Card :N/A