Rustic Barn- a shop and gallery of roses, angels and bisque dolls

Rustic barn opened as a shop selling accessories and miscellaneous goods in the Takamatsu shopping arcade in 1998.


IMG_3675Over a hundred of angel collections look luxurious even though it is actually not so expensive.

One of the most popular goods in this shop is a kira-kira cat that has about 20 varieties. The porcelain part is made and decorated in Japan.

The large one has more cats and can be used as a piggy bank. It’s popular as a gift for opening a new shop or business.

Besides ornaments, accessories are also on sale. The delicately crafted accessories are Japanese made.

IMG_3590Other than that, the bisque dolls made by doll creator Mariko Wakatsuki gain popularity and are supported by her enthusiastic fans.

‘Bisque’ of bisque doll is from French word biscuit meaningbaking twice”. Dolls made of twice-baked porcelain are called bisque dolls. Originally it was made as toys for kids in Europe and spread to other countries after its exportation. Nowadays bisque doll lovers exist all over the world.About 10 bisque dolls are on display. Doll’s clear skin is made of porcelain. Almost every part of the doll is made in Japan and it is exquisite workmanship.

Normally a bisque doll is made on order. The price range is from tens to hundreds of thousands yen. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to make a doll after having received an order.

These dolls are also very popular on online sales and some orders are from overseas such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. When it is sent by mail, it is packaged very carefully so that customers will have nothing to worry about in both domestic and international post.

There are also varieties of goods like bags, hats and stationeries in the shop.

When you go shopping in the Takamatsu shopping arcade, make a trip to Rustic Barn. If you are rose, angel or lovely goods lover, you will surely find something you want!


Rustic Barn

8-minutes walk from Kotoden Kataharamachi station
9-minutes walk from JR Takamatsu station

  • ADDRESS:〒760-0029 香川県高松市丸亀町 12-10
  • OPEN HOURS:Mon~Fri 11:00-19:00 Sat,Sun 11:00-18:00
  • CLOSED:Wed
  • TEL: +81-87-826-0326
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  • WiFi:Available
  • LANGUAGE:Japanese
  • Credit Card:Available