The Way of Putting On “YUKATA” workshop

When we think about summer in Japan, we come up with the images such as Ocean, Watermelon, Fireworks, and Festivals (Matsuri).  Wearing YUKATA (the casual summer Kimono) is one of the major parts of going to summer festivals and we will be introducing how to put on YUKATA based on the story by Shizuka (her Japanese name) who is a student from Taiwan.

Hello,My name is Chiang Yen Jen, from Yunlin County, Taiwan. I am in the second year of university in Taiwan, majoring in Japanese.I came to Kagawa in Shikoku Island and the main two reasons that I came to Japan are:
1.To learn Japanese language.
2.To have deep and enriching experiences in Japan and learn Japanese culture such as the customs and manners in everyday life, festivals and their origins, Japanese cultural assets, the national spirit, etc. It is my single of goal to experience and learn those while visiting and I believe understanding cultures will make Taiwan and Japan’s friendship stronger and deeper.

Things you need for wearing YUKATA

2.“GETA” a pair of traditional Japanese sandals
3. “OBI” belt
4. “KOSHIHIMO” rope belts
5. “MAEITA” support board
6. “YUKATA Slip” kimono underwear (you can wear camisole or tank-top instead)
7.“DATEJIME” belt
8. Kimono-belt

How to put on the YUKATA
1.Put on the YUKATA slip, and roll towels around the waist to adjust properly.

IMG_46822.Put the YUKATA on loosely. The hem of the yukata should come down to around your ankles.
warning: Always bring the right side of yukata over your body and pull the left side over the right. Do not put right side of yukata over left side. Only the recently deceased wear the kimono that way and it is a bad omen.

3.First, wrap the KOSHIHIMO around your waist, and then adjust OHASHORI of both front and back.(OHASHORI is the fold made at the waist so that women can adjust the length of a kimono.)

IMG_46854.Adjust the position of the yukata and fix it with Kimono belt.

5.Take the DATEJIME belt and wrap it around your waist over the Kimono belt.
*Wearing the DATEJIME belt prevents the Yukata from coming loose.

IMG_46926.Wrap the second KOSHIHIMO over the DATEJIME.


IMG_47077.Put on the Yukata Obi belt.
*There are a variety of styles to wrap an obi belt.

IMG_47108.Insert the maeita board inside of the obi belt.

IMG_47299.Put up the hair.

IMG_474910.Apply make up..


On July 20th, I visited the Fujima sensei’s classroom with my father and sister to try on the Yukata and experience the classical Japanese dance.Sensei was quite used to helping to put on the YUKATA and then tie up my hair with hair sticks and even applied make-up.
I was amazed when I saw myself in the mirror. The girl in the mirror didn’t look like me at all!
I was so happy that I finally tried on a yukata and my father and sister kept taking pictures of me. Sensei taught me some Classical Japanese dances using a decorated umbrella and went home with a lot of valuable lessons.Fujima Sensei, who helped me try on the YUKATA, teaches classical Japanese dance at her classroom in Zentsuji-city.
Fujima Sensei told us passionately that she would go anywhere, of course inside of the Kagawa and even to foreign countries to teach Japanese culture through classical Japanese dance.

If you are interested in learning classical Japanese dance, you should definitely contact her. *If you are willing to try on the yukata before the dance, tell her about it in advance. ( You need to prepare all the Yukata items by yourself.)Putting on Yukata with hair and make up only took about 15 minutes. We are amazed that it was so fast yet was such delicate work.


Ms. Fujima Sensei teaches classical Japanese dance

17-minute walk from JR Zentsuji station

  • Address:(Classroom) 5-2-3 Zentsuji-cho, Zentsuji-city, Kagawa/(Home) 2294-1 Yoshizu-Oysu, Mino-cho, Mitoyo-city, Kagawa
  • Phone: +81-90-3785-5660