Setouchi Triennale 2016: The Summer Season Has Begun! (July 18th – Sep 4th)

Experience the unique art found only at the Takamatsu Port Area
Birds’Twitter and Fragrance of Flowers
A massive lanthanum piece donated by the tourism bureau of Taiwan is now on display during the Setouch Triennale Summer Season.Embedded LEDs illuminate this sculpture at night, providing an added glow to the fantastic atmosphere found at the port.
Lighting Time:  7:30pm to 9:30pm
Exhibition Period:  July 18th to Sep 4th

IMG_4668Artwork No. 172
Beyond the Borders – the Ocean
A massive piece by Lin Shuen Long, born in Taiwan in 1959.  An active artist to this day, he is primarily based in Taiwan and Japan.Sculpted as a giant floating seed, The Seed Ship was originally constructed entirely from scraps of wood washed ashore on the bay of Taiwan.  First assembled and displayed on the Japanese island of Teshima for the 2013 Triennale, this sculpture was subsequently moved to Long’s native home of Taiwan.
Now returning for the 2016 Triennale, this piece will be on display during the Spring and Summer seasons.  Visitors will also have the opportunity to walk inside and explore the interior of this giant sculpture!

Found outside of The Seed Ship, this golden cow statue is just a taste of the number of sculptures you can witness for yourself inside.


Setouch Trienniale 2016